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Direct-to-metal paint has so many benefits

New or weathered metal paint

Direct-to-Metal paint primer and top coat in one product by Cemcrete


Direct-to-Metal is a paint or coating used on metal surfaces. Cemcrete’s Direct-to-Metal Primer & Topcoat is a high-performance metal primer and coating all in one product. A primer is not necessary for Direct-to-Metal coatings.

This paint has anticorrosive pigments that prevent rust development. Suitable for new or weathered metal for domestic, industrial and automotive uses.

Cemcrete Direct-to-Metal Primer & Topcoat neutralises existing rust and prevents the formation of new rust. The success of the product lies in the surface preparation. Ensuring that the surface is ready to receive the Direct-to-Metal Paint is the hardest part of the process. The paint provides an attractive protective and decorative weatherproof finish. Applications include priming for industrial steel framing, farm implements, tanks, roofs, handrails, window and door frames. This product can be applied over existing rust using brush-on, roll-on or spray-on techniques.

Attractive finish, available in 5 colours. The coverage  8-10m² per litre per coat. Applied in a 2-coat application, this will help retard the deterioration of your steel structure/roof reducing the number of coats required and subsequent labour costs and time constraints.

painting metal surfaces with Direct-to-Metal paint from Cemcrete

The coating is used to provide:

  • abrasion resistance and scratch resistance,
  • fire resistance and heat resistance
  • insulation against the flow of electric charge
  • sealing ability and wettability
  • improved physical appearance and aesthetics
  • corrosion resistance
  • resistance against general wear, erosion, pitting and cavitation
  • improved physical appearance and aesthetics
  • release or nonstick property

No more worrying about metal corrosion with Cemcrete’s Direct-to-Metal.

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