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  • Published on 15 May 18
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Valsir Tropea Murare for Floor Mounted WC Installation

The constant attention to the needs of the market has made it possible to add the innovative Tropea3 recessed box to the Valsir range. Technology, reliability, simplicity and water saving are the key points on which the project was founded.
  • Simple installation thanks to the brass revolving feed connection.
  • Technological inside, thanks to an innovative drain valve that guarantees the correct consumption of rinsing water and the adaptability with any WC suspended or on the ground.
  • Reliability of internal components thanks to the use of materials that prevent the formation of limestone.
  • The reduced thickness of the box allows to adapt to any type of installation and in finished walls of 10 cm thickness.
  • The drive can be mechanical, pneumatic or electronic.
  • The components used comply with EN 681 / WC which guarantees quality and resistance to chemical agents.
  • Available in version with Ariapur for air intake directly from the toilet.
  • The 6/3-liter or 4.5 / 3-liter exhaust regulation allows high water saving while respecting the environment and the Green Building principles.
  • The box is made of 100% recyclable materials.

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