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  • Published on 17 May 21
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Möbel Martin // ALUCOBOND®

Möbel Martin // ALUCOBOND® The boxy volume is draped with ALUCOBOND® which looks as light and simple as folded paper. This appearance, however, belies the complexity of the planning and implementation required. The linear folds in the ALUCOBOND® curtain run close together and are tilted three-dimensionally. This means that no two parts of the façade are the same, and the 4,000 m² façade consists of approximately 2,000 individually cut tray panels measuring up to 700 mm in depth. This in itself would be a feat even using computer-aided design and fabrication.

Categorised under: Aluminium Cladding

3A Composites | ALUCOBOND®

Representation South Africa Contact Person: Lynn Smith
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa

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