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  • Published on 19 Sep 18
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Securi Slide & Fold

Open your home to nature and maximise your living space with REHAU’s new SecuriSlide slide and fold doors and windows. This new generation multi-pane system enables you to make the most of home. The innovative slide and fold-away technology allows the user to move each individual pane of the door along the track to create a variety of opening sizes. The panes stack away neatly at the one side of the door to create the biggest opening possible. Unlike the traditional folding doors, the panes do not run on wheels. Once the main panel has been opened, the other panes easily slide along a low-friction track. The SecuriSlide slide and fold doors and windows can be fitted with either single or double glazing for enhanced thermal and weather performance.

Unlimited Polymer Solutions

Pellmeadow Office Park, 60 Civin Drive
South Africa

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