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keyboard_arrow_upBackwater Valves: Staufix
keyboard_arrow_downBackwater Valves: Staufix

The Staufix backwater valve is equipped with free hanging vertical backwater flaps. These flaps ensure that a building’s wastewater flows freely through the valve while simultaneously preventing any backwater from backing up into the building.

keyboard_arrow_upAqualift F XL and S XL pumping stations
keyboard_arrow_downAqualift F XL and S XL pumping stations

Aqualift F XL and Aqualift S XL pumping stations with powerful range of pumps for grey and black water.

keyboard_arrow_upAqualift F Basic and Minilift F
keyboard_arrow_downAqualift F Basic and Minilift F

The economic solution for domestic wastewater disposal The Aqualift F Basic lifting station is the latest model in our quality lifting station series. It has been developed to satisfy all of the requirements of modern sewage technology, though at the same time takes into account profitability and efficiency for the user. Our result is a […]

keyboard_arrow_upEcolift XL
keyboard_arrow_downEcolift XL

Constant running of standard lifting station even with gravity sloped drainage? The Pumpfix and Ecolift XL hybrid lifting stations offer safe and reliable protection against backwater and come into service only when necessary – during backwater. It’s available now, take a look!

keyboard_arrow_upInstallation Scada Wall Drain
keyboard_arrow_downInstallation Scada Wall Drain

Quick and easy installation of a Scada wall drain by using an KESSEL installation board.

keyboard_arrow_upOil-, Fuel Separators with Alarm Unit
keyboard_arrow_downOil-, Fuel Separators with Alarm Unit

Light liquid, oil, fuel, coalescence separators with SonicControl automated fuel level measuring system for monitoring and notification of oil and sludge layer thickness and back-up / overflow warning.

keyboard_arrow_upKESSEL SonicControl
keyboard_arrow_downKESSEL SonicControl

Level sensing system with ultra sonic sensor for grease separators.


Ecolift – the clever alternative to a classical lifting station with gravity sloped drainage.

keyboard_arrow_upBackwater protection systems
keyboard_arrow_downBackwater protection systems

The KESSEL-Staufix FKA/SWA and Pumpfix F series. Top level backwater protection for exposed wastewater pipes and installation in a concrete slab/floor.

keyboard_arrow_upGrease Separator
keyboard_arrow_downGrease Separator

In many commercial and industrial operations such as restaurants, hotels, motorway service areas, butchers or other food-processing plants, greases and oils get into the wastewater. This wastewater has quite a way to travel before it reaches the next sewage plant. A great deal of grease and food residue can become deposited in the drainage system […]

keyboard_arrow_upOil and Fuel Separator
keyboard_arrow_downOil and Fuel Separator

Oil and fuel separator.

keyboard_arrow_upBathroom drain collection
keyboard_arrow_downBathroom drain collection

The bathroom drain collection.

keyboard_arrow_upCellar Drains
keyboard_arrow_downCellar Drains

Cellar drains.

keyboard_arrow_upWastewater Station Aqualift F
keyboard_arrow_downWastewater Station Aqualift F

The new lifting station Aqualift F Compact – sewage lifting station for complete basement drainage for installation in a concrete slab/floor and for free-standing installation.

keyboard_arrow_upGrease Separator with Shredder Mix System
keyboard_arrow_downGrease Separator with Shredder Mix System

Grease Separator with Shredder Mix System.

keyboard_arrow_upBIFENA – Biological Secondary Wastewater Treatment
keyboard_arrow_downBIFENA – Biological Secondary Wastewater Treatment

Biological Secondary Wastewater Treatment.

keyboard_arrow_upPumping System Aqualift S
keyboard_arrow_downPumping System Aqualift S

The ¬†Aqualift S¬†lifting station reliably disposes of wastewater without sewage to the sewer via a pressure pipe. It is available both with float control and with sensor control. The upper section can be turned, tilted and height-adjusted, allowing infinite height and level adjustment during installation. Turning the cover allows it to be matched to the […]