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  • Published on 2 Feb 21
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BeadCrete Application Overview Video

BeadCrete application a unique glass beaded decorative pool plaster for use on reinforced concrete pool interiors. The pure glass beads in BeadCrete produces a reflective surface that enhances water sparkle. For more information about CemCote visit | https://www.cemcrete.co.za/beadcrete.... Cemcrete products used: FlexBond Pool Plaster Primer BeadCrete All available from Cemcrete | www.cemcrete.co.za This is not intended as a training video. It is a visual representation to give the viewer an understanding of the basic overview of the product. This product is intended for professional use only. For independent contractor details that can apply BeadCrete for you visit | https://www.cemcrete.co.za/contact-us...

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