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Trouble free roofing

Nutec Roof Slates form part of the Nutec roofing range which includes the Nutec Bigsix and Nutec Victorian roofing profile. Favoured for more than seven decades in all sectors of the building industry, the range is renowned for years of trouble free roofing and offers designers and specifiers freedom and flexibility when functional, aesthetic and cost criteria need to be met. Nutec Roof Slates are the ideal roofing or cladding material to use on any project where class, character and individuality are of prime importance. The precise detail of the application and consistent appearance ensure an excellent finish.

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Finish and Colour

Nutec Roof Slates are available in a plain or textured finish and a range of standard roofing colours. This provides designers creativity and individuality of expression, whether recreating old-world charm or meeting today’s critical architectural design criteria. Nutec Roof Slates are factory coated with a specially developed paint system. Natural weathering will cause the paint coating to fade over time. Inspection and re-coating of the roof recommended after seven (7) years.


Their light mass requires a correspondingly light supporting structure, thereby offering an economical alternative to other slate and roofing materials and can be used for vertical cladding applications. Nutec Roof Slates by nature do not corrode and are unaffected by ultraviolet light.

Thermal Insulation

Nutec Roof Slates have excellent thermal properties. Thermal Conductivity (K-Value) of the Nutec material is approximately 0.3 W/m.K or 0.3 W/m.°C. (Test method ASTM C518)

Fire Resistant

Nutec Roof Slates are Non-Combustible and have a Class 1 Spread of Flame Index when evaluated in accordance with SANS 10177: Parts V and II respectively. The product can be used in applications with continuous temperature not exceeding 150°C.

Rodent and Termite Resistance

Nutec Roof Slates have been tested in accordance with SANS 5419 for Rodent Resistance and awarded a rating of Class B1. No damage was recorded when tested for Termite Resistance in accordance with SANS 5471.

Water Tightness

Nutec Roof Slates in their natural state pre coating are non-permeable when tested in accordance with SANS 685. Darkening is normal because of moisture absorption but no droplets form.

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