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The future of metal buildings

Isover's Factorylite® and AshGrid™ redefine efficiency

In the fast-paced world of contemporary construction, the imperative of energy efficiency has risen to the forefront of concerns for builders and property owners. This compelling need to craft eco-friendly and sustainable structures has spurred the development of innovative solutions that not only amplify energy efficiency but also usher in substantial cost savings and ecological conservation. Within this context, Isover’s Factorylite® and the AshGrid™ Spacer System by Ash & Lacy have emerged as revolutionary answers to the unique demands of metal buildings, offering an array of benefits that are tailored to the specific requirements of factories, warehouses, and other industrial edifices.

Metal building insulation

Meeting legislative demands for energy efficiency

At the core of this cutting-edge solution lies a steadfast commitment to energy efficiency in strict alignment with the SANS 10400-XA legislative requirements. Factorylite® and the AshGrid™ Spacer System actively address the ever-growing mandate to curtail energy consumption and preserve vital resources. The Factorylite® product range takes center stage with its exceptional thermal insulation properties, ensuring optimal thermal comfort for building occupants while adhering to stringent energy efficiency standards. Furthermore, this versatile glasswool insulation is available with white metalised foil, black metalised foil, and reinforced foil facings, allowing builders the flexibility to meet the aesthetic demands of diverse projects.

Optimizing energy efficiency with the AshGrid™ spacer system

Complementing Factorylite®, the AshGrid™ Spacer System plays a pivotal role in optimizing energy efficiency within metal structures. As mandated by SANS 10400-XA, this mechanical spacer system guarantees the precise installation of insulation, eradicating any gaps or thermal bridges that might result in energy wastage. By establishing an effective thermal envelope, the AshGrid™ Spacer System, in tandem with Factorylite®, thwarts the leakage of energy and fortifies the interior against external weather fluctuations.

Enhancing sustainability

Beyond their energy-saving prowess, the Factorylite® and AshGrid™ combination elevates the overall sustainability of metal constructions. The longevity and durability of these materials minimize the need for frequent replacements, reducing waste generation and conserving valuable resources in the long term. Additionally, Factorylite® and the AshGrid™ Spacer System are non-combustible, enhancing safety for building occupants.

A path to a sustainable future

In summary, the Factorylite® and AshGrid™ Spacer System by Ash & Lacy present a compelling case for the widespread adoption of energy-efficient practices in the realm of metal buildings. With a range of facing options tailored to diverse metal construction projects, Factorylite® excels in delivering effective thermal insulation while significantly reducing energy consumption and associated costs. Simultaneously, the AshGrid™ Spacer System ensures the precise installation of bulk insulation, guaranteeing the optimization of a building’s energy efficiency and overall sustainability. By incorporating this innovative solution into the construction of factories, warehouses, and other metal structures, we can pave the way for a more sustainable and eco-conscious future in the construction industry.

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