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Taking the ceiling fan outdoors? Some useful tips

Take the ceiling fan outdoors to the patio for a focal point of a great outdoor room. When choosing a ceiling fan, ensure that your patio furniture and home style complement your ceiling fan.

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Light kits are available for certain Solent ranges but whether you want a light kit on your fan or not is entirely up to you. Having a light kit will brighten the porch area and draw attention to your ceiling fan, whereas minimal lighting will create a cosy feeling – it all depends on the ambience you are trying to create.

Although your fan will be under a porch, it is still outdoors, and it is going to be exposed to the elements. Your fan is going to be exposed to humidity and temperature change, so pay attention to the type of fan you buy and make sure this is taken into consideration. This is where Solent ceiling fans stand out from other brands, as regardless of the setting, a Solent fan is built to last. As with any electrical appliance, you will have to prevent it from coming into direct contact with water. However, Solent’s aluminium blades are strong enough to withstand corrosion and rust due to their epoxy coating. Wooden blades are made from excellent quality Marine-plywood, and they will not bend, sag, or swell, even when used in coastal areas – this is a huge bonus and deciding factor!

Solent fans carry a 3-year no-nonsense warranty and they come with a fully-fledged back-up service. So, this means that if you have a problem with your fan, you contact the Solent team at any point within your warranty period and they will send a technician out to you.

When buying and installing an outdoor ceiling fan:

Be sure to check the distance between the floor and ceiling and buy a fan that sits safely within this space.

All Solent ceiling fans have the option to be controlled via remote control, so consider this for your convenience.

A professional electrician must install your ceiling fan, or else your warranty will fall away.

Check out Solent’s ceiling fan range today and choose the perfect fan for your outdoor needs.

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