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Wall Fan

The Solent wall fan is a energy efficient brushless DC motor technology. Uses up to 70% less power than traditional AC equivalents.

Solent Warranty

Solent Trading extends the following limited warranty to the user/purchaser of this product: Fan Motor, Fan Accessories, Exclusions, Warranty Void Conditions, Exclusive Remedy, General Fan Operation, Reporting a Faulty Fan.

Solent Ceiling Fans Flyer

Solent ceiling fans are fully customizable and suitable for various settings including homes, schools, halls, churches, mosques, and offices. With low wattage motors ranging from 60 to 100 watts, they’re perfect for spaces powered by generators or inverters during outages.

Pedestal Fan

The pedestal fan equipped with advanced DC technology for enhanced energy efficiency and performance. Featuring a powerful yet quiet 400mm brushless DC motor, it consumes up to 70% less power compared to traditional AC models.

HUGGER fan for low ceilings

HUGGER: The ultimate fan for low ceilings, now available! Featuring a 35W energy-efficient DC motor, three 1320mm solid wood blades, and a 6-speed remote with forward/reverse and timer functions.

Aircool Series

The Aircool Series is ideal for medium to large spaces such as gyms, airports, and factories, offering three-dimensional air circulation, quiet operation, and energy savings. Each fan covers over 150 square metres, out-performing eight standard fans.

Wall Regulators & Spares

The Wall Regulators & Spares product range features versatile and customisable solutions for fan control. The collection includes various 5-speed wall regulators.

Solent Fans Showcase Catalogue

Discover a breath of fresh air with our diverse ceiling fan collections, each designed to meet your unique needs. The Simple Collection offers stylish, budget-friendly fans for great cooling, while the Soft Collection features beautiful, customizable fans with smooth curves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Solect Ceiling Fans How do I place an order? What are the delivery/courier lead times?

Solent Ceiling Fans
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