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Designed for pet stains and spills at home

From scratch resistant to easy-to-clean! Atroguard® is the flooring that pet owners look for

We love our animal friends, but accidents do happen. AtroGuard® flooring makes it easy to wipe away the little accidents, and there’s no need to sacrifice style for the inconvenience of an easy-care surface. We warrant that AtroGuard® will not stain from pet (domestic cat or dog) stains, including urine, faeces, and vomit, provided it is cleaned within 24 hours!

astroguard flooring designed for pets and home stains.  A boy sitting on the couch with his dog. Soccer tog bag and spike shoes on the luxury vinyl tile flooring.

The surface of AtroGuard® is textured with a medium graining and a tough wear layer for durability. It comes with an AC4 or AC5 highly resistant scratch and wears rating, perfect for active households and pet owners. It can stand up to the messiest paws while being 100% PVC-free and GreenGuard certified.

two dogs on lvt flooring

All AtroGuard® flooring is wet & steam-moppable – creating an environment at the surface of the floor with temperatures in which most bacteria or viruses can’t survive. When you are considering what type of flooring to install in your home or business, it’s always good to consider the ease of cleaning, especially in times like these. AtroGuard® flooring is known for being low-maintenance and easy-to-clean!

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