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Traviata Flooring creates the canvas for commercial spaces

Floors are probably the largest single surface in any commercial environment and as such have a major influence on the aesthetics, comfort and productivity of the space.

Traviloc flooring for commercial spaces

From a design perspective, one of the biggest international trends is to create “Resimercial” spaces. This involves taking the comforting and inviting elements of residential design and incorporating them into commercial spaces making clients, customers and staff feel more at ease. One of the easiest ways to create a welcoming aesthetic is through the flooring chosen and increasingly this is being seen in hotels, medical facilities, retail stores, offices and schools.

Traviata Flooring currently markets a number of commercial-grade flooring options that offer design flexibility, superior acoustic properties, ease of installation and maintenance and contribute to indoor air quality and hygiene.

city lodge bathroom flooring Smoked Oak Traviloc luxury vinyl tiles

City Lodge OR Thambo Bathroom Traviloc Smoked Oak Almond

At the forefront of this flooring, revolution is the new series of “rigid core” interlocking LVT products including the Firm Fit, Traviloc XL – RCB and top of the range IsoCore brands.
The board construction in these products sees a significant reduction in airborne noise and also critically on the floor to floor sound transfer. This has been a major contributing factor in the selection of the IsoCore range by major hotel groups such as Marriott, City Lodge and more recently Radisson, Accor and Meridian.flooring for commercial spaces luxury vinyl or laminated strip floors

IsoCore’s factory-applied anti-microbial and anti-Bacterial coating along with its warmth, slip resistance and resistance to most spills and stains have also seen a large uptake in the medical field. It is for example used throughout the Netcare group for all their doctors’ rooms and has also found favour in many private clinics, hospitals and consulting rooms.
Available in a variety of natural timber looks, stone and masonry designs and even solid colours and abstracts, LVT flooring has been specified in the major banking and clothing groups as well as independents in South Africa.

There is now a move to measuring indoor environmental quality in workspaces. Noise levels together with air quality and lighting levels have far-reaching effects on the health and productivity of occupants and consequently on the bottom line. Traviata Flooring can help you achieve better results all round.


• Traviata is an importer and distributor of the world’s leading brands of Luxury Vinyl and Laminate flooring.
• Traviata has a reputation for superior quality thanks to their partnerships with technology leaders.
• Traviata supplies flooring suitable for retail, leisure, medical, office, education and other commercial environments.
• Traviata is a privately owned business with over 15 years of international experience.
• Traviata has a serious and proven commitment to service, quality and sustainability.
• Traviata is one of the largest importers of flooring systems in South Africa.
• Traviata has an approved network of dealers and installers boasting a national and regional reach into Africa.

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