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Stacking up the benefits!

Maxiflex introduces the new Stackdoor® security grille

An interesting new product from Maxiflex is Stackdoor®, a security grille designed especially for restricted spaces and which can be installed inside or outside, in all sorts of configurations. Even revolving doors can be protected with Stackdoor®! Holding the title of the safest security grille on the market in Europe, the break-in resistant grille is the only product on the market to be officially RC2/RC3 certified (EN1627) and is compliant to security level 4 and 5 standards. Sounds like something we definitely need in South Africa…

Maxiflex is proud to introduce Stackdoor®, a completely unique and innovative certified security door solution that combines robustness, high safety specifications, efficiency and optimum security in a neat, compact and flexible package.

Manufactured in The Netherlands, Stackdoor’s ground-breaking stackable, strong, lightweight construction sets it apart from any other rolling door, security door, open security grille and speed gate currently available in the market. As the name implies, the door stacks rather than rolls, delivering a host of advantages.

This patented Stackdoor® security grille owes its unique stacking system to its ingenious design; the grille is constructed from steel slat profiles and solid steel pins which disappear into horizontal beams. The aesthetic thin design of the steel slats allow for maximum transparency when closed.

Another key feature is a unique mechanism which locks automatically after the grille is closed making it virtually impossible to forcibly lift it. This anti-lift design which requires no lock provides a break-in delay of up to 15 minutes.

Stackdoor® is specifically designed for restricted spaces. As the security grille does not roll around its axis but rather stacks neatly and compactly upright, it takes up very little headroom and eliminates the need for large shutter boxes normally required for rolling doors. The modular mounting system allows for easy integration into the ceiling or wall.

Maxiflex Stackdoor security grille to secure shop entrances

The unique design and special stacking technique of the security grille also offer the additional key benefit of complete installation versatility. The grille can be easily installed inside or outside in straight, round, U- or L-shaped areas, in corners as well as in upwards or downwards closing applications without requiring additional support beams. Available in unlimited widths, Stackdoor® is ideal for securing extra narrow spaces or entrances that are too wide for standard solutions. Even revolving doors can be secured with Stackdoor®. Subsequently, these doors meet a virtually unlimited spectrum of security requirements that range from securing shop fronts to entrances and parking areas at malls and office parks.

Maxiflex Stackdoor for securing revolving door entrances

As the security grille stacks vertically, there are no limitations with regards to the thickness of fabrication materials. The grille is constructed with significantly stronger materials that are three to five times thicker than traditional rolling doors offering an extremely robust yet lightweight solution. Placing focus on unmatched reliability, Stackdoor® contains patented high-quality components. The security grille is also efficient, consuming minimal energy.

Stackdoor® is an officially certified security solution and holds the title of the safest security grille in the European market. The break-in resistant grille is the only product on the market to be officially RC2/RC3 certified (EN1627) and is compliant to security level 4 and 5 standards.

The security grille is available in various powder-coated colours as well as in stainless steel and carries a 5-year warranty.

Maxiflex Stackdoor security grille for the retail sector

“We hold the sole distributor rights for Stackdoor® in Southern Africa and we are extremely excited about the product,” says Bram Janssen, Managing Director of Maxiflex. “The bespoke design and construction of this product takes security to the next level. It is completely different from our current product portfolio and is set to open up a whole new market opportunity for us. Taking into account our country’s high crime rate and the fact that Stackdoor® can be installed in areas that were previously impossible to secure, we are confident that this security grille will be welcomed by South African retail, business and industry.”

The extensive Stackdoor® product portfolio from Maxiflex includes Stackdoor® Compact, Stackdoor® Corner, Stackdoor® Curved, Stackdoor® Up, Stackdoor® Park and Stackdoor® Bold (RC2).

Maxiflex is renowned as a leading supplier of a wide range of door and loading dock solutions, high-speed doors, overhead sectional doors, impact doors and PVC strip curtains for close on 30 years and is the sole distributor in southern Africa for ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems, a global leader in automated entrance solutions.

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