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Servicing industrial doors and strip curtains

There are both safety and cost saving arguments around the regular servicing of doors and PVC strip curtains. Even the best quality, most robust and well-engineered doors and strip curtains require regular servicing and maintenance. Irrespective of the industry, a defective door or broken or scratched strip curtain can present unsafe working conditions, lead to reduced productivity and production losses as well as replacement or repair costs. Regular service and maintenance are key to ensuring that doors stay in good safe working order and function optimally and that strip curtains efficiently control the internal climate.

Maxiflex replacement of PVC strips in industrial strip curtains

Heavy traffic flow of people, goods and services puts doors under pressure and components have to work literally thousands of times per day. Even the smallest component, if not maintained or replaced in time, can lead to door failure. Incorrect tension on the spring of an overhead sectional door in a dock loading application for example, will affect the counter-balance of the weight of the door blade. In addition to an unsafe situation, failure to open can lead to dispatch delays.

PVC Strip curtains do a great job of separating areas for temperature control and energy savings but they eventually need to be replaced due to natural wear and tear over time. Scratches on the surface can limit visibility or strips that have lost their transparency can pose a safety risk particularly in areas with two-way traffic. Air escapes through cracked or broken strips which has a diverse effect on climate control driving up energy consumption.

Maxiflex offers two replacement options to take care of worn strip curtains: PVC Bulk Rolls or full length PVC rolls, and individual PVC Replacement Strips. PVC Bulk Rolls are the most economical purchase but require time and effort to cut the strips to length and prepare the mounting holes at the top of the strip. Individual PVC Replacement Strips are sold by the metre. Although less economical, this completely customisable option allows the customer to order the exact number of strips required rather than a complete roll and is recommended where fewer strips are required.

As the sole distributer for ASSA ABLOY Entrance Solutions in the Sub-Sahara African region, Maxiflex offers a variety of flexible service options on their range of doors that range from regular maintenance visits throughout the year, safety, compliance and quality control checks as well as 24/7 priority service delivered by highly-trained, skilled technicians. Maxiflex technicians attend regular training to keep abreast of the latest technology, tooling and service techniques.

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