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Make a fashion statement with ceiling fans

Think that ceiling fans have gone out of fashion? Think again. In fact, ceiling fans may very well be the best thing you do to your home this season.

ceiling fan with bronza motor and wood blades light teak

Ceiling fans have been around for decades, with many homeowners enjoying the benefits of a cool breeze and energy efficiency during the warmer summer months.

As interior design trends continue to change, there really is no reason why you can’t find a ceiling fan style that matches the overall look and décor of your home. Your décor is an expression of your style and at Solent, they understand that. They offer their customers something that nobody else in the market does! Bespoke, unique and totally personalized is what the rave is all about these days and Solent offers you just that!

Solent believes that your ceiling fan shouldn’t restrict your creativity, in fact, they encourage you to explore it. Their fans are fully customizable, to ensure that you have a unique fan that will perfectly suit you and your décor perfectly. You get to choose the motor, blades, colours, styles, sizes and finishes so that you can have a fan that is 100% you! If that hasn’t blown your mind then chew on this.

Solent boasts seven stunning ceiling fan ranges, all of which can be customized and every fan comes with a 3-year warranty and a unique aftersales service plan. This means that you will never have to replace your Solent fan ever.

Solent has spares readily available to assist you if you ever need to replace a part. And if your fan gets sick during the warranty period, Solent will send out a technician to assess the fan and they will either repair or replace it, free of charge!

So, if sophistication and elegance are what you are after, then Solent’s range of ceiling fans can help you to achieve this. Long gone are the days of bulky and unattractive ceiling fans. Now you can be lavished with sleek, shapely and super stylish fans that will leave your guests drooling. And ceiling fans are not just a pretty ceiling ornament, they are environmentally friendly too.

More and more homeowners aiming to make their homes sustainable and environmentally friendly and ceiling fans are the perfect solutions.

Browse Solent’s extensive collection or get in touch with their customer care team for advice in choosing the right ceiling fan for your home. Whatever your style, you can find the perfect ceiling fans to suit your taste and budget.

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