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Ceiling fan or air conditioning?

At Solent, we are obsessed with creating the perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort, our goal has always been to fashion elegant and beautifully crafted ceiling fans that provide both comfort and luxury. Air conditioners versus ceiling fans have been the topic of many discussions and today we would like to unpack this for you so that you can make an informed decision when it to comes to your cooling choices.

Ceiling fan or air conditioning

Air conditioners are a popular option only because they can quickly cool down space but they come at a high cost. Ceiling fans, on the other hand, are an environmentally friendly alternative equally capable of cooling and transforming an uncomfortable room into a sanctuary.

How much electricity does a Solent ceiling fan use compared to an air conditioner?

Solent ceiling fan as opposed to air conditioners, use only a fraction of the electricity to power them. Our ceiling fans will save users an unbelievable amount of money on their cooling while providing a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way to keep comfortable. If you find that your environment is still too warm, you can combine the use of a ceiling fan with an air conditioner. Close all windows and doors then run the air conditioner for a few minutes until the room is cooled, turn off the air conditioner and switch on your ceiling fan, your fan will now circulate the cooled air. Doing this will still allow you to use less electricity and ensure that you are cool and comfortable.

Ceiling fans add charm to a room

If you’re looking to create a well-designed personal space then placing the typical white, sterile air conditioning box on the wall is certainly not going to look as visually appealing as a bespoke ceiling fan. Adding a designer ceiling fan in place of, or in conjunction with, your air conditioner, will create a more luxurious-looking interior that oozes style and one that your friends will never forget.

Maintenance is now a breath of fresh air!

Solent Ceiling Fan Motors are impressively reliable due to their simple construction and require very little maintenance. By investing in a high-quality Solent Ceiling Fan, you can be guaranteed to enjoy years of trouble-free cooling.

Upkeep –Air conditioner filters need replacing every 30 days, whereas ceiling fans may only need to be cleaned, dusted and wiped down with damp rag every 6-12 months.

Costing – Ceiling fans cost roughly R18 a month to maintain, whereas air conditioning units will cost about R1150 per month – which includes replacing air filters etc. In terms of electricity usage, ceiling fans cost about 0.15c an hour, while an air conditioner costs roughly R3.60 an hour.

The health benefits of using a ceiling fan

Many people react with a runny nose, coughing and sneezing when the air around them gets too cold, air conditioners can aggravate these symptoms. A moderately cool, well-ventilated environment created by a ceiling fan may very well be a welcomed relief.

Ceiling Fan Installations

Ceiling fans are a great investment, they are quick to install and relatively cheap to maintain compared to the standard air conditioner. Installing a ceiling fan is pretty simple and doesn’t require any room alterations. Installations an air conditioner usually requires walls to be broken or brackets to be installed, which costs time and money.

When deciding whether to choose either a ceiling fan or an air conditioner or both, you need to take your surroundings, room layout and decor into consideration. If you are looking for a cost-effective, visually appealing and eco-friendly cooling alternative then there’s no doubt that installing a ceiling fan is the route you should take. Contact Solent for more information on how to find luxuriously bespoke ceiling fans to enable you to create beautifully functional spaces.

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