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Drinking water hygiene with Geberit

Safely prevent stagnation

Biofilms in water

Biofilms form anywhere that water circulates, including drinking water systems. Normally, they don’t pose any problems and don’t affect the quality of drinking water.

biofilms in water

Health risks only arise when the germs are able to multiply. Stagnant water and water temperatures between 25 °C and 50 °C can encourage bacterial growth. In practice, the risk is likely to occur in empty properties, in rooms that are only used intermittently as well as in dead-end pipes. Hygiene problems caused by excessive proliferation of germs can be reliably avoided through:

  • correct planning, design and commissioning
  • correct operation
  • preventing stagnation
  • preventing unfavourable temperatures between 25 °C and 50 °C

Underestimated risk: Legionella and Pseudomonas 

legionella bacteria cell

Anyone inhaling legionella can be infected. This can happen anywhere that polluted water droplets enter the air as aerosols; for instance, under the shower or on taps.

bacteria cell in stagnant water

Legionnaires’ disease can trigger pneumonia. However, it is often not identified as the cause of illness. For that reason, the estimated number of unreported cases is high and the significance of the disease is underestimated. The same is true of pseudomonas, which can trigger gangrene and develop resistance to antibiotics.

The solution for new buildings

Geberit ensures drinking water hygiene in new buildings right from the beginning and maintains hygiene levels once the systems are up and running. Protective caps on all pipes and fittings prevent soiling during transport and storage. The Geberit hygiene filter ensures that the initial filling of the new drinking water system is hygienically perfect. And the Geberit sanitary flush ensures reliable, economical water replacement as required during operation.

  • Geberit sanitary flush: flexible, compact, easy to use
  • Geberit hygiene filter:  99.9999 % bacteria elimination
  • Protective caps: no soiling prior to installation

The solution for existing buildings

If serious hygiene problems arise in a drinking water system in an existing building or if drinking water safety is temporarily at risk, then the Geberit sanitary flush Rapid provides a fast, reliable solution. It features compact dimensions and is easy to operate. Thanks to its battery, it can be installed anywhere without the need for a mains connection.

  • Cost-effective solution for serious problems
  • Prevention or elimination of hygiene problems in drinking water systems
  • Bridging temporary stagnation
  • Continuous operation if irregular water draw-off can be expected on a long-term basis

As the system can easily be removed after use and employed elsewhere, it can be leased in a similar way to building dehydrators.

Clean installation right from the start

Geberit Supply Systems ensure exceptional standards of drinking water safety and hygienic processing.

  • Geberit pipes and fittings are protected with protective caps
  • The protective caps prevent contamination during storage and transport
  • Do not remove the protective caps until immediately before installation
  • Replace the protective caps during interruptions in installation

geberit drinking water products to prevent biofilm buildup

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