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Warehouse doors and docks equipment

The layout of a warehouse is vital and here at Stab-a-Load we are happy to offer any assistance when it comes to choosing the correct doors and docks for your warehouse application. One of our customers have dealt in 24 years of supply chain execution, therefore they needed equipment that would give them a fast turnaround time when offloading, our dock leveller ensures a height-adjustable platform, used to ensure a smooth transition between dock and truck.

The Thermatite door range is built stronger with Neufoam Technology and has a higher strength-to-weight ratio while offering a better thermal barrier. The sections in the door feature thermal breaks and two continuous replaceable seals to minimise airflow. We also used PVC strip curtains for this application to prevent the escape of air-conditioned air, which can help manage utility costs and can deter outdoors debris from getting inside.

Dock Levelers:

Stab-a-Load the leaders in the African Dock levellers industry partnered with 4Front Engineered Solutions – Entrematic formally known as Kelley Dock systems (USA) in 1993 and have subsequently supplied an excess of 12 000 Kelley Dock Levelers since then. The Kelley AFX pneumatic dock leveller remains to be the number 1 sold dock leveller worldwide for the last 20 years. Simple push-button operation, low-pressure high volume air lift system results in the most reliable and robust dock leveller in the industry carrying the strongest warranties unmatched by the competition.

Stab-a-Load is the only company in the RSA offering fully fabricated and assembled dock levellers from its own facility. No aspect of our manufacturing is outsourced to any third party. Our range of locally produced dock levellers includes South Africa’s premium local brand, the Stab-a-Load LX pneumatic dock leveller with deck lengths up to 3400mm L or 12 Foot.

The Stab-a-Load LX dock leveller has proven to be the most popular and robust local brand for decades, compared with other low-cost local alternatives. Furthermore, Stab-a-Load manufacture a comprehensive range of electro-hydraulic dock levellers with deck lengths up to 4500mm and carrying capacities up to 20 000Kg as well as the conventional manual hydraulic or manual hand pump hydraulic unit.

Stab-a-Load supply the total solution as far as dock sealing systems are concerned. The seal between the truck trailer and the building is paramount in preserving the cold chain at the dock face. Our range of seals includes conventional dock pad seals, rigid dock shelters, collapsible impact dock shelters( Kelley Flex Frame), foam sided dock shelters( Kelley FSR 1000) and a wide range of inflatable dock shelters and seals. We supply both locally manufactured and imported variations.

Dock leveller supplies is a major focal point of the Stab-a-Load business. Accessory dock products supplied included dock bumpers, truck restraints, trailer restraints, low-speed high volume fans, mini dock levellers, vertical store dock levellers, dock lights, bumper bollards, pipe bollards, truck wheel guides, dock modular systems, free-standing external dock pods and pallet inverters or pallet exchange systems.

Sectional Doors:

Stab-a-Load proudly partners with Richard Wilcox Sectional Overhead Doors based in Canada. RW insulated sectional doors achieve the highest thermal values and stability using HCFC free Neufoam polyurethane insulation. The sectional doors panel thickness ranges from 38mm to 76mm, ideal for warehousing, manufacturing, storage facilities, cold room warehousing, banana ripening rooms amongst many others.

Stab-a-Load RW Sectional Doors designed specifically for the agricultural sector and automotive industry would be the P175 Translucent polycarbonate sectional doors. The panel is constructed from a (16mm) triple-walled polycarbonate lightweight sheet framed by anodized aluminium for added strength and impact resistance. All Stab-a-Load Richard Wilcox Sectional Doors carry a limited 10-year warranty. Allumatite aluminium and glass sectional doors are ideal for fire departments and fire stations.

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