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Décor paint, plaster and coloured screed

Africote has the décor paint, plaster and coloured screed to beautify any building both internally or externally.

house exterior paint

The comprehensive range of coatings manufactured by Africote include; earth-toned acrylic paints branded as New Liquid Naturals, Textured Liquid Naturals, “Platinum Sheen”, XP Range, Roof Paint, contractors white PVA interior acrylic, Cementitious Coatings manufactured and branded as Cement Naturals, for upmarket and commercial use and Kolorcote T for low-cost housing applications. “Cement Naturals”, “Liquid Naturals” and “Kolorcote T” have Quality Agreement Certification which is backed by the CSIR.

Décor plaster such as Roman Plaster and Stucco Plaster are manufactured and offered in a wide range of colours. Roman Plasters for 3-6 mm thick applications and Stucco Plaster for a cost-effective 2-3 mm application on pre-plastered or smooth surfaces can be incorporated with shellac, for a shell-like appearance in the plaster.

stucco with wax wall

Special Effect Décor coatings manufactured include Rust Paint, Vintage Rust Paint, Copper Paint and Chalk Paint for wood antiquing. For a marbled acrylic finish, Distemper and Antiquing Liquid Paints achieve a unique swirled effect in the colour of your choice. Chemstain is a chemical-induced staining process for concrete walls or floors.

Floor screeds offered include Gleamcote – a self-levelling epoxy-based flooring system and SL Floor Hardener in a range of colours in the dry shake application and the trowel on Skimcote C for 1.5mm to 2mm layer floor screed applications in various colours.

interior house paint

A comprehensive range of sealers and waterproofing for the coatings are also manufactured by the factory including polyurethane, epoxy, and acrylic matt and polymer sealers.

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