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Flooring - Paints & Seamless Screeds

Patio & Paving Paint

Africote’s “Patio and Paving Paint” is designed to bring new life to old faded driveways, parking areas and brick-paved courtyards. A no-nonsense super acrylic product, Patio and Paving Paint can be used on most suitably prepared surfaces. It allows for D.I.Y. applications that are both U.V. Resistant and highly flexible. It’s a durable, cost-effective and long-lasting alternative to expensive repaving. Available in 6 standard colours.

SCREEDCRETE Non-Slip Durable Exterior Flooring

Screedcrete is an in-situ coloured textured screed system, ideal for external floors.  We are able to offer our specially formulated, exposed aggregate “Screedcrete” product in several exciting colours, for application to fabricate beautiful hard-wearing, non-slip, low maintenance outdoor floors.

SCREEDCRETE For high foot traffic interiors

This floor system is ideal for high traffic areas such as supermarkets, shopping malls, airports, schools, universities, concourse areas and any busy commercial high foot traffic building or a high end private residential floors.  We are able to offer our specially formulated, polished “Screedcrete” mixture in numerous exciting colours, to fabricate beautiful, seamless and hard-wearing floors!  Our new polished “Screedcrete” mix designs are cement-based mixes and are offered in a colour range, encompassing 8 standard colours in combination with aluminium panels of 1m x 1m.

Valencia – A seamless swirled marbled finish floor screed for interiors

Africote Valencia is formulated in a fine texture to give a seamless variegated marbled floor finish.

Valencia adheres to raw cement floor screeds, rendering a “smooth or elephant hide texture” depending on the application procedure.  The earthy swirled appearance of Valencia, enhances floors where a dynamic ambience is sought after, such as homes, offices, game lodges, and entertainment areas.  Valencia is suitable for interior use only.    Ideal for re-coating old screed floors, tiled floors etc, provided the substrate is sound. Can also be applied over wood floated or steel trowelled new mortar screeds.

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