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D&D Roof Insulations specialises in the supply of most commercially available roof and ceiling insulation materials and accessories to the construction industry in South Africa. Established since 1999 we strive to provide outstanding service, competitive pricing and expert advice to the industry.

Roof Insulation

Insultrak® spacer / packer

Insultrak® is a roof insulation spacer system designed specifically for use with faced flexible fibre and reflective foil roof insulation materials in over-purlin roof applications.


Starlite® consists of flexible rolls of insulation manufactured from high-quality non-combustible glass mineral fibre with a variety of scrim re-inforced facings including aluminium foil or white coated aluminium foil.

Starlite® is suitable for installation over purlins in industrial and steel roof applications.


IsoBoard is a rigid, high density, extruded polystyrene board suitable for installation over purlin under the roof sheet and over rafter/timber beam under the roof sheet or roof tiles.


Factoryboard is a rigid board manufactured from non-combustible glass wool insulation and can be installed over purlin in new buildings or in a supporting grid system in existing buildings.

Factorylite is high quality non-combustible flexible glass wool insulation and can be installed over purlin in newly built industrial buildings.


Lambdaboard is a flexible faced polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation board suitable for installation over purlin under the roof sheet.


Alucushion®/Bubblefoil®FR (Fire Retardant Grade) consists of low-density polyethylene and aluminium foil with sealed bubbles of air between the two outer laminates and can be installed over straining wires directly over the purlin below the roof sheets.


Sisalation® is a durable, double-sided reflective foil laminate, suitable for installation over purlins in industrial applications.

Ceiling Insulation


The Starlite® fibreglass ceiling blanket is simply laid directly over the ceilings between the roof trusses in residential buildings or in retrofit applications.


IsoBoard high density extruded polystyrene insulated ceilings retards heat flow into the living areas in summer, and contain generated heat in winter, providing a comfortable living environment. IsoBoard offers a ceiling and thermal insulation in one.


Starfibre™ is supplied as a plain blanket for thermal and acoustic applications in roofs, walls and ceilings in all types of buildings.


Aerolite fibreglass blanket is rolled out between the roof trusses on top of the ceiling in residential buildings or as retrofit in existing homes.


Lambdaboard polyisocyanurate used in a ceiling application does not lose insulation properties during its life span. Wind, entering through voids above the ceiling line or moisture has no effect on the board’s insulation performance. Being installed under the rafters minimises heat bridging.

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