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5 Must Have Neutrals

There are two main neutrals to choose from when it comes to selecting your base colour; beige vs grey. Over the past few years we have seen the beige frenzy fade out and the greys take over. Whether you prefer cooler or warmer tones, grey is the perfect backdrop for any space to bring your vision to life; it comes in a wide range of stunning shades and tones.

You can never have enough shades of grey to choose from and that is why we were over the moon when we heard that Cemcrete has added 5 new colours to their CemCote range

1. Storm Grey:

Cloudy with a chance of chic. There used to be a time when homeowners and interior designers avoided dark wall colours like some of us avoid the dentist. Recently there has been a significant increase in darker décor such as walls, floors, furniture and even bathroom fittings. Gone are the days when people played it safe with lighter shades and we are loving this new edgier style. Go bold and choose Cemcrete’s CemCote Skimmed Storm Grey.

storm grey neutral


2. Dawn:


Incorporating this sophisticated shade of grey into your living space will make your walls come to life. Cement naturally mottles which ensures that you will not end up with a dull and flat surface. Adding a pop of bright colour, a statement chandelier or a lively art piece will create a striking focal point in the room.

dawn neutral wall coating for concrete walls


3. Mist:


Add a sense of enchantment to your home by choosing this uniquely marvellous grey. With a subtle purple undertone, it is a game-changer when it comes to choosing a colour that will add that little something extra to your design. Adding greenery or majestic orchids will turn your space into a regal utopia. 

mist colour neutral wall coating for cement walls


4. Dew:


Each shade of grey can create a different feel, look and style. Add stronger contrasting colours to compliment a monochromatic style or bring in brighter shades to liven up space. Accessorising with contemporary art pieces or black & white photographs will add to the aesthetic. 

neutral colour Dew wall coating for cement or concrete wall finish


5. Dusk:


This colour can be incorporated into many styles – from a charming farmstead to an edgier modern space, Cemcrete’s CemCote Skimmed Dusk offers a neutral colour that is warm and can create a cosy space for those who are not won over by the colder greys yet. Team this colour with bronzes, wood and rustic accessories to tie the look together.

neutral wall coating colour dusk

If you are ready to perk up your space and make a bold statement, visit www.cemcrete.co.za for more inspiration and contact details.

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