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Ceiling fans and good lung health

Ceiling fans are an absolute must-have in every household during the hot summer months. Most people cannot function without having a fan to keep the air moving, so making sure your fan is in optimal condition always is very important.

Solent energy-efficient ceiling fans

At Solent, we love how, even when the days are getting cooler, having a fan helps to circulate the air indoors so that it feels less stuffy, especially when you are stuck inside all day!

Maintaining good lung health is especially important now considering the virus is attacking lungs and because we care about you and your health, we want to help you get the most out of your fan always! Keep reading to learn more about good fan hygiene and how it helps with your lung health.


Ceiling fans are not on eye level, therefore it is extremely easy to overlook them when you clean the rest of the room. As with any home appliance, dust gathers on them over time, with ceiling fans dust gathers on the fan motor and blades when it’s not in use. When the fan is turned on, the dust is spun around the room and could result in you and your family breathing in polluted particles. If you have family members with allergies, cleaning your fan regularly will help them tremendously.

Ceiling fans tend to be those things we have in our house that always gets overlooked when it’s ‘Spring Cleaning’ time. Solent are sharing a few tips so that you can give your fan a proper clean during the coronavirus lockdown period and promote good lung health for you and your family.

Here are a few quick tips on how you can effectively clean your ceiling fan.


Most ceiling fans can only be effectively reached with a ladder. Ensure that your ladder is secure before climbing up. Try taking two or three items up with you, to prevent yourself from climbing up and down. You will need a few rags, your choice of cleaning product (or white vinegar) and some covers to protect the furniture below.


Start by using a rag to collect the dust on the blades or you could slide an old pillowcase over the blades to gather the dust. Ensure most of the dust is removed before spraying on your chosen cleaning product and wiping down the blades. We recommend wiping down the blades more than once to ensure that you’ve got all the dust particles off the blade.


Be sure not to place weight on your fan blades as this could affect the balance of the blades and result in wobbling or noisy fan after the clean.


If you do this regularly, your family and lungs will thank you for it. It is important to consciously remind yourself to clean the fan; just because it isn’t on eye level doesn’t mean that it doesn’t get dirty.


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