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Metal Detection

Hand Held Metal Detector MD3003BGS1

Hand held metal detector is a portable metal detector, convenient to take anywhere. Use for security detecting to prevent contraband such as knives, guns and prevents the loss of valued objects in factories or cheating tools in educational areas.

Metal Detector MODEL: UMBGS700 & MODEL: UMBGS800

WALK THROUGH METAL DETECTOR Technical Specification – 8/16/24 detecting zones:Simultaneous alarm from multi-zones, infrared remote control.

Walk Through Metal Detector - Model: UBGS600

Walk through metal detector – Six mutual over-lapping detecting zones, simultaneous alarm from multi-zones.• Sensitivity adjustment: Each zone has 100 sensitivity levels.• Sound & LED alarm: Double sided LED indicator, easily shows where metal is.

Citadel Security Portal

With a wide range of standard and optional security features, the Citadel Security Portal is ideal for high security installations. Both curved doors are fitted with bullet resistant glass and operate automatically with built-in safety. Available with metal detector…

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