Building Product Brochures & Datasheets

Equipment / Tools

Roco Fittings | Ironmongery for cupboards

Roco Fitting’s range of ironmongery for cupboards and wardrobes: The invisi lock, central locking systems, mortice locks, drawer locks, push locks, slam locks, screws, fasteners, pneumatic equipment and tools, silicones and adhesives and tubing…

Mapress Carbon Steel

With the Geberit Mapress Carbon Steel pressing system and a wide range of seal rings, sizes and fittings, all supply pipes for heating connections can be installed quickly, easily and cost-effectively, with visible safety. Combined with our perfectly coordinated Geberit Mapress pressing tools, permanently tight connections…

Pressing Tools

Less weight, quicker operation and much more: more convenience, better performance and more advantages. That’s what the new Geberit pressing tools offer in comparison to their predecessors. The new Geberit pressing tools ACO 203 and ECO 203 are more compact, lighter and offer better performance than their predecessors.

Sonder | CNC - Routing: Customised Routed Products

Customised routed products made from cross-linked or non cross-linked foams for cushion, shock absorption and protective packaging, as well as packaging for display purposes. Applications: space fillers, load spreaders, cushion packaging, promotional and display packaging purposes…

Dia Star Mining & Quarrying Equipment

Equipment, accessories and expansive mortar for mining, drilling, quarrying and stone cutting.

Voltex Power Optimisation

The power optimisation catalogue includes power quality solutions, power quality metering and monitoring, voltage characteristics, compatibility levels, limits and assessment methods…

Voltex Tools, Testers and Meters

Voltex’s range of tools, testers and meters include digital multimeters, digital clamp meters, power tools and consumables, hand tools and consumables, safety wear and equipment, ladders, lanterns and torches, labelling equipment….

Installation Materials Essential for the Preparation of Soft Floor Coverings

TAL’s Comprehensive range of tools and materials for the preparation of soft floor coverings.

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