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A sustainable cladding solution

Everite Building Products has over the years established a reputation for the manufacture of outstanding quality products for a wide range of external and internal cladding applications. These include roofing, ceilings, the cladding of external and internal vertical surfaces and substrates for flooring applications.

wood panel cladding for homes

Cladding is added to a variety of structures such as brick, concrete and timber/steel frame construction. By specifying Everite’s Nutec products contractors obtain extensive experience in the application and installation of Nutec.

cladding on warehouse fibre-cement

Nutec fibre-cement since inception in the early 1980s been subject to strict process controls required for manufacturing asbestos-free products. The company set out to meet or better the following objectives:

Environmental sustainable production

  • water and resource conservation
  • energy consumption and management
  • use of renewable and recyclable resources as raw materials
  • avoidance of environmentally damaging raw materials
  • waste minimisation by recycling of process materials
  • pollution reduction
  • protection of the natural environment

These objectives have delivered several environmental benefits for the company and ultimately for the end-user.

fnb branch port elizabeth building cladding

The environmental benefits

  • The volume of production waste has been reduced by 75%
  • Raw materials previously sacrificed in production wastewater are now being recovered and recycled
  • The use of safe, renewable fibres – in this regard cellulose is safe, is locally available and harvested from renewable resources
  • Production water is recycled in a closed-loop system
  • Constantly striving to achieve zero production waste

Nutec Fibre Cement

high density fibre cement cladding with shape cutting patterns

Nutec fibre-cement is environmentally-friendly and offers enhanced performance to all properties.

Beneficial properties

  • High tensile strength with enhanced dynamic load-bearing properties
  • Good thermal properties
  • Watertight and wind-resistant
  • Hail resistant
  • Fire-resistant
  • Rodent resistant
  • Zero electrical conductivity
  • Acid-resistant
  • Complies with recognised international quality standards

The development of NUTEC has resulted in innovative products of a superior pedigree from Everite Building Products which include roofing and necessary accessories such as facias and barge boards, ceilings, windowsills, architectural columns and internal and external cladding for walling and façades.

Cladding comes as flat sheets or is available in the attractive shiplap style of Vermont (Timber textured) or Classic (Smooth) Building planks.

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