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uPVC Windows—Why You Need them for YOUR Home & Business

Can one aspect of a home really make a big difference when it comes to all the important matters: comfort, green living and cost savings?

It can if you’re considering a different kind of window.

Many new products hit the market each year and below you’ll find out why uPVC windows are some of the winning options in the construction industry these days. Both property developers and homeowners can benefit from this unique window type.

What is a uPVC Window?

uPVC is short for ‘Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride’. You may be familiar with PVC, but uPVC is a version of this substance providing more resistance. Because it doesn’t warp—in part thanks to a steel core—many prefer this to traditional building materials such as wood.

Over time, uPVC has become popular for both window and door frames.

Benefits of uPVC Windows

It’s easy to see why uPVC windows became so popular, often even preferred to aluminium. The advantages include:

– Offering security: Strong uPVC can help you create a secure barrier against intruders.

– Durability: When we say uPVC windows are long-lasting, that’s almost an understatement. These structures are designed to last as much as 40 years, and you can expect a 10-year guarantee on most of them.

– Energy efficiency: Because you have the option of double glazing, you can now spend less on heating or cooling your home. The two layers help insulate rooms, so the heat won’t transfer easily between the inside and outside. With energy-efficient windows, it means less use of air conditioning units and therefore a lower electricity bill.

– Barrier against noise: Thanks to double glazing you can also worry less about the noise outside disturbing the peace inside your home. With quality workmanship, the windows seal well, further preventing noise from entering.

– Low maintenance: A uPVC window or door frame is very easy to maintain. Apart from an occasional wipe down, you’ll do nothing else and they will still look new and sleek. No more sanding down wood, varnishing it or repainting a frame every few years. Apart from saving you time, this is yet another way a uPVC window saves you money.

You can see how one feature in your home CAN make a difference in how you spend your time and what your month’s budget will look like.

What to Expect at Van Acht

For your uPVC windows, Van Acht is proud to be a supplier of REHAU windows. REHAU is a European based company that has been developing innovative polymer-based solutions that continue to redefine what is possible in construction and automotive industry, this brand gives South-African homeowners access to world-class European quality uPVC windows.

What’s Coming Next?

As mentioned, new innovations regularly arrive on the scene and Van Acht is proud to be part of that process. We’re involved in multiple projects to give customers even more options to pick from. Most of our customers would appreciate how it will benefit your budget.

Proudly Local

Van Acht can now offer a very affordable in-house brand locally extruded uPVC window that will be in direct competition with the standard aluminium casement windows. Both single and double glazing units will be available.

Until now, uPVC windows have been a high-end home feature, because of the higher price tag compared to some other options like aluminium. So, the biggest drawcard with the ‘proudly local’ range is the lower price tag.

More Colours

White is a popular colour for doors and windows but it’s not always what works for aesthetics. Motivated by clients’ preferences, Van Acht launched a new project to test alternative colour options. This can give homeowners more versatility and make it easier to match home features with other décor and style elements of a room or exterior of a building.

Will Van Acht uPVC Windows Work for You?

Of course, it’s always important to invest in products that suit your specific needs. Based on client feedback and the features of uPVC windows, you can have peace of mind that it will work for almost any application, such as the ones below.

Replacement AND New Projects

You’ve already seen that it’s worth considering uPVC for a new home since it’s better than options like wood. But just because your building already has wood or other types of window frames you don’t have to miss out on all the uPVC advantages.

It’s worth adding uPVC windows to an existing structure. You can instantly enjoy more comfort and the benefit of lower power costs, which will quickly help you cover the installation costs.

Another reason to consider this upgrade to your home is the resale value of your building. For homes and commercial properties, low maintenance features are always excellent selling points. These windows also look new and stylish even years after installation, so they will help you leave an excellent first impression on potential buyers.

Housing Developments

The world’s viewpoints have changed over the past few years and these days green living is a popular topic. And it’s not a passing trend!

To build the housing complexes and offices people would want to buy in the future, it’s essential that developers add features that empower occupants to maintain a low carbon footprint. With energy-efficient windows in place, you have a very attractive feature to make people consider your buildings as their favourite property investment option.

Additional benefits like low maintenance, strength and style will further increase the allure.

Final Thoughts—Why Pick Van Acht?

It’s clear you’ll make a wise investment when you pick uPVC windows for your home, office or next development. The team at Van Acht is ready to partner with you, offering:

– Custom sizing

– Customer-focused service

– Exceptional workmanship

Do you have any questions about uPVC as part of your energy-efficient windows and doors installations? Talk to our experts and let’s get started on your project.

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