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Types of Terraforce block faces

The Terraforce retaining system offers a series of hollow core concrete blocks which are lightweight for easy delivery, handling, and installation, yet heavy in mass when filled with soil, gravel, or concrete.

round face retaining wall blocks

The series of Terraforce L Range blocks are manufactured under controlled conditions in factories on five continents and may be employed to solve issues ranging from light erosion control applications to heavy composite earth retaining requirements. Our consultants will gladly share their experience of many years with you to maximise the environmental and aesthetic opportunities that exist at your site. Please always check with your closest supplier on product availability.

Today we would like to introduce the different finishes possible with the L Range; starting from the round face finish to a flush face finish which can be smooth or have a rock face feel.

Round Face

All L Range blocks interlock via the convex and concave shape of blocks that interact with one another on the horizontal plane. On the vertical plane, interlocking strength is gained by the block infill which functions like an interlocking core. Once you have chosen your Terraforce block and finish, this one block retaining system can do most features that are normally required. Occasionally you may have to cut blocks to form sharp corners or to match up to existing buildings.

round face retaining wall blocks with plants growing inside

Rock Face

Weather you choose the round face and straight face finish, the stability of the wall is not affected. However, poor construction techniques and cost-saving manoeuvres will. Be sure to have suitably experienced workmen on site. So please always choose a recommended installer/contractor.

rock face retaining block wall on a steep property

Smooth Face

Although this is standard practice that the blocks are packed staggered, like brickwork, it is not a requirement and stack bond is also allowed. Our engineers agree that the integrity of a wall is not affected by switching from stagger bond to stack bond, as often happens on sites where the extreme Terraforce versatility is applied to create meanders at varying wall inclinations.

smooth retaining wall block for an Australia residence driveway

And/or Planted

The unique hollow-core design allows you to make plants a part of your wall and allows water to drain back into the ground. Use low-water-use plants to create a landscape that’s sustainable. Plant growth also deters graffiti and softens the overall look and feel. In addition, the green oasis created offers a safe haven for many fauna and flora. These green spaces are the lungs and brains of our growing urban spaces. That is why many users of our blocks prefer to simply fill the top blocks with garden soil to support attractive feature plants.

Al Jalila Hospital UAE, planted sound barrier that creates a green ‘lung’


As with any project that has been designed to be aesthetically pleasing and environmentally sound, maintenance is unavoidable. On some walls planting will have to be kept weed-free and rejuvenated occasionally, and the irrigation system may have to be maintained. On other walls, care must be taken that larger invader plant species are removed, or sometimes no form of vegetation is welcome.

For more plant inspiration, please download our Terraflora booklet. Go retain and keep on planting to make your space a better place for all!

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