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Tru-wood floors, the rich classic option

“All the look and feel of natural timber with none of the disadvantages”!!

Incredibly beautiful new decors and finishes recently introduced to the Tru-Wood range offer real rich flooring options for the discerning specifier and designer. The structure and design of the EIR surface makes it almost impossible to distinguish Tru-Wood from natural Oak.  The aesthetic is further enhanced by the boards 12mm thickness, its four sided bevel and large format which give Tru-Wood a true solid wood look and feel. Acoustics and comfort are further enhanced by using “Travilay Black” 2mm recycled rubber underlay.

Traviata Tru-Wood laminate flooring ideal for bathrooms and kitchens as it is waterproof

Ideal for high-traffic design

Extremely stable, highly water, stain and scratch resistant, “Atroguard” technology creates a 100% natural wood fibre board, which has been engineered for active spaces such as hotels, activity and lifestyle centres or simply for making a lasting impression when used in commercial and residential projects.

Core board for stability

The “Sure Core” core board is a genuine high-density spine for the product which, in combination with its melamine impregnated top layer and balancing backer, offers a board that is:

  • 35% more stable than other laminates.
  • Resistant to all temperature and humidity changes.
  • Suitable for use with under floor heating systems.
  • Able to be laid in areas up to 20m x 20m without the need for unsightly expansion profiles.

Highly Water Resistant

Using a two pass “power seal” process and patented tight lock joint (having five times the contact area of normal systems) means no moisture can penetrate the board or joint, resulting in a floor solution ideally suited to wet areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Tru-Wood can be wet or steam mopped and carries a 72-hour ponded water warranty.

Full commercial grade surface

Finally, the wear resistance of Tru-Wood is provided by its AC5/33 full commercial grade surface which  provides unmatched scratch and stain resistance, is colour fast and together with the high-density core also provides superior protection against indentations from impact loads.

Room View

Now it is possible to see these exceptional floors in your own room using the “Room View” facility on the Traviata website. Choose one of the pre-selected contemporary settings or upload a photo of your own and see how good it looks with a Tru-Wood floor.  The full functionality allows you to switch between colours, flooring direction and settings to arrive at the perfect installed design solution.

You can then download, save, share or email your selection to get the sign off.

Give it a try by visiting our website below

Truwood XL

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