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Transforming a challenging slope into a functional landscape with Terraforce

Exploring the Revamped Estate in Herolds Bay, Garden Route

Unveiling the remarkable transformation of an estate in Herolds Bay, Garden Route, South Africa, where a dilapidated wall was resurrected into a stunning, multi-tiered Terraforce® retaining wall. This extensive project, helmed by LFC Construction, not only revived the collapsed structure but redefined the landscape’s functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Steep slope at Harold's Bay residence.

Redeeming the land: A tale of resilience

The previous wall, poorly executed by its predecessor, lacked essential features like water management systems, drainage pipes, and proper compaction. To rectify these flaws and craft a resilient solution, LFC Construction took charge, implementing an intricate design that ensured both stability and beauty.

Crafting the transformation

The newly erected terraced and undulating round face Terraforce® retaining wall stands as a testament to architectural finesse. Rising up to 10m in height, this structure serves dual purposes, carving out an access road with strategically positioned parking bays on multiple levels. Moreover, it integrates three sets of meticulously designed 4×4 Step™ block staircases, seamlessly connecting the residential quarters nestled between the upper and lower tiers.

Embracing innovation and functionality

Charl Johnson from LFC Construction sheds light on the meticulous planning behind this project. The choice of Terraforce L11 blocks and the 4×4 Step blocks ensures consistency throughout the estate’s design. The construction employed Y12 Rebar and concrete infill on a solid foundation, with the upper rows accommodating topsoil for future vegetation. Geofabric tiebacks and agricultural drains were intricately installed to fortify the walls against natural forces.

Overcoming challenges with ingenuity

Despite facing accessibility hurdles, the team exhibited exceptional dedication, hand-compacting 470 cubic meters of backfill using unconventional methods. The lack of heavy machinery demanded manual labour, from unloading blocks to meticulously filling them with concrete, a testament to their commitment to the project’s success.

Project collaborators

  • Engineer: Fred Laker, Icos Engineering / Terrasafe
  • Main Contractor: LFC Construction
  • Blocks Supplied by Terraforce Licensed Manufacturer: Mobicast

The Herolds Bay project stands as a striking example of transforming adversity into opportunity, showcasing how Terraforce® innovation and craftsmanship can reshape landscapes while ensuring functionality and durability.

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