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Enhancing landscapes with innovative retaining wall designs

"Best Terraforce Project of the Year" Awards

In December 2023, we proudly announced the winners of the esteemed “Best Terraforce Project of the Year” Awards. This accolade aims to honour outstanding craftsmanship and manufacturing standards exhibited by our esteemed partners, recommended contractors, and service providers. Among the exceptional projects of 2023, one stood out as the epitome of excellence.

Best project certificates for Terraforce.

2023 Winner: De Aanzicht Estate, Cape Town, South Africa

In May 2022, KCE Consulting Engineers orchestrated a groundbreaking Terraforce wall design at De Aanzicht Estate, Cape Town. This visionary project integrated seamlessly with its natural surroundings, creating vertical terraces and plant pockets with meticulous attention to detail. Installed by Decorton Retaining Systems, this masterpiece showcased the innovative potential of Terraforce technology.

Plant pockets are constructed by turning the Terraforce L12 blocks round face outwards at regular intervals.

Innovative design for environmental harmony

The Terraforce wall design at De Aanzicht Estate ingeniously facilitated harmonious interaction with the environment. By utilising L12 blocks in a unique configuration, the design maximised space for vegetation, fostering a symbiotic relationship between infrastructure and nature. Nigel Barr of KCE Consulting Engineers elucidated on the project’s significance, emphasising its role in blending engineered platforms with the surrounding Rhenosterveld reserve.

Engineered flexibility for unparalleled results

The versatility of Terraforce technology was paramount in realising the vision for De Aanzicht Estate. KCE Consulting Engineers devised a two-part system to secure the embankment effectively while adhering to strict environmental guidelines. The Terraforce retaining structures not only provided structural stability but also enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the landscape, seamlessly integrating with the natural terrain.

Vegetattion growing on the retaining wall

Sustainable solutions for future generations

With a total of 1620sq.m of Terraforce walling installed, De Aanzicht Estate stands as a testament to sustainable engineering practices. The successful completion of this project in early 2023 marked the beginning of a new chapter in landscape architecture, where functionality meets environmental consciousness.

Project team and collaborative efforts

Behind every successful project lies a dedicated team of professionals committed to excellence. De Aanzicht Estate was made possible through the collaborative efforts of Balwin Properties, DHK Cape Town, KCE Consulting Engineers, and a network of subcontractors and suppliers. Together, they turned a vision into reality, setting new standards for innovation and sustainability in construction.

Conclusion: A testament to innovation and sustainability

The Terraforce project at De Aanzicht Estate exemplifies the transformative power of innovative design and sustainable engineering. As we look towards the future, let us draw inspiration from this remarkable achievement, striving to create environments that not only endure but thrive in harmony with nature.

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Reversable hollow-core retaining blocks

4 Huguenot Avenue Oranjezicht
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