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Terracrete™ Permeable Paver: Key to flood alleviation in Benin City, Nigeria

In 2020, the Gapoina-Urora Flood Control Project was launched in Benin City, Nigeria, as part of the broader Nigeria Erosion and Watershed Management Project (NEWMAP). This initiative, supported by the World Bank, aims to combat gully erosion across 22 states in Nigeria, collaborating closely with state and federal ministries of environment.

Permeable pavers

Addressing erosion challenges in Benin City

The Gapoina-Urora Flood Control Project focuses on mitigating erosion challenges prevalent in Benin City, Nigeria. This region has long grappled with severe erosion issues, leading to significant environmental degradation.

Erosion between the houses in Benin.

Terraforce partners with Ako Adeniyi Limited

A significant development in 2020 was the partnership between Terraforce and Ako Adeniyi Limited, facilitating the local manufacture of Terracrete permeable pavers in Nigeria. This collaboration proved instrumental in securing a substantial contract for the Gapoina-Urora Flood Control Project, specifically targeting stormwater management in Edo State, Benin City.

Terracrete permeable pavers

The versatility of Terracrete Pavers

Terracrete pavers emerged as the ideal solution for the project, offering a flexible and permeable eco-surface suitable for various applications. Whether used with or without ground anchors, these pavers effectively combat soil erosion, making them well-suited for lining riverbanks and other vulnerable areas.

Innovative installation techniques

During installation, Terracrete blocks are interlinked using 2mm stainless steel cables, enhancing stability, particularly during severe weather conditions. Custom-designed holes in the blocks facilitate this interconnection process, ensuring a secure and durable installation.

Strategic deployment for maximum impact

A total of 21,664 Terracrete blocks were strategically deployed across the project site. These blocks form long, shallow channels and wide V-shaped stormwater culverts, directing excess water towards designated detention ponds. From there, the water is safely discharged into the local underground stormwater system.

Inlet curves for stormwater drainage.

Successful flood intervention efforts

The effectiveness of the intervention became evident as residents experienced relief from flooding. The efforts led by the Edo State Governor, Mr. Godwin Obaseki, and NEWMAP garnered praise for their tangible impact on flood-prone communities.

Community testimonials

Residents living in areas affected by gully erosion expressed gratitude for the government’s intervention. Elder Richard Omwenyeke, a resident of Ebo Street, commended the authorities for their extensive erosion control initiatives, which have instilled renewed confidence in affected communities.

Sustainable results and future prospects

As of March 2024, the Terracrete pavers continue to prevent erosion effectively, maintaining stability and safeguarding the region against flooding. The project stands as a testament to the effectiveness of innovative solutions in addressing environmental challenges.

Aerial view of the rehabilitated area.


The Gapoina-Urora Flood Control Project, powered by initiatives like the deployment of Terracrete permeable pavers, exemplifies proactive measures in combating erosion and mitigating flood risks. Through strategic partnerships and innovative solutions, communities in Benin City, Nigeria, are witnessing tangible improvements in their living conditions, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

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