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Surface hardeners from a.b.e. Construction Chemicals: Enhancing durability and performance

Surface hardeners play a crucial role in fortifying industrial floors, and within the expansive portfolio of a.b.e. Construction Chemicals, two standout solutions reign supreme: abeplate and abecron C LA.

Floor hardening admixture

abeplate: The premier iron-armoured surface hardener

abeplate stands tall as the leading iron-armoured dry-shake surface hardener within South Africa’s flooring industry. Crafted to withstand heavy traffic, impacts, and abrasions, it’s the go-to choice for floors demanding superior resistance at a reasonable cost. Here’s why abeplate commands attention:

1. Ease of Application: With a pre-mixed, ready-to-apply formula, abeplate simplifies the application process even at normal or hot temperatures, catering to various thickness requirements effortlessly.
2. Enhanced Wear Resistance: Unlike brittle mineral aggregates, abeplate’s high-strength metallic surfaces offer unparalleled wear resistance, ensuring longevity and durability.
3. Chemical Resistance: Its high-density surfaces act as a barrier against oil, grease, and industrial chemicals, reducing permeation risks significantly.
4. Low Maintenance: Whether polished or non-slip, abeplate floors boast extended service lives with minimal repair and maintenance needs, making them ideal for industrial settings.

Surface floor floating

abecron C LA: The modified natural aggregate hardener

abecron C LA emerges as a non-metallic modified surface hardener, providing a cost-effective solution for interior and exterior concrete floors with light to moderate traffic. Key highlights of abecron C LA include:

1. Enhanced strength and longevity: Offering twice the lifespan of ordinary concrete floors, abecron C LA reinforces floors while improving wear resistance.
2. Efficient application: Its ready-to-use form expedites the hardening process, facilitating quicker application and power floating, thereby saving time and resources.
3. Easy maintenance: Featuring high-density surfaces resistant to liquid penetration, abecron C LA ensures easy cleaning and upkeep, promoting a hygienic environment.
4. Dustless technology: By incorporating dustless technology, abecron C LA reduces health risks and minimises area contamination, prioritising safety.

Lazer screed machine

Application techniques and modern innovations

While traditional application methods remain relevant, modern innovations have revolutionised the surface hardening process. Laser-levelling equipment, specialised spreaders for precise powder application, and advanced finishing tools have enhanced efficiency and quality.

For coloured floors, the use of specialised finishing power floats equipped with plastic blades enables the swift completion of larger areas without compromising on finesse. This advancement is evident in prestigious projects undertaken by a.b.e.’s approved floor hardener applicators, such as Chris Howes Flooring, renowned for their expertise in commercial and industrial flooring.

Spreader machine


Surface hardeners from a.b.e. Construction Chemicals represent the pinnacle of quality and innovation in the flooring industry. With abeplate and abecron C LA leading the charge, businesses and homeowners can fortify their floors with confidence, ensuring longevity, durability, and optimal performance for years to come.

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