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How to easily deal with a sloping property

Don’t let the steep slope in your backyard get in the way of your landscaping dreams. Conquer the slope problem by installing a concrete-block retaining wall.  Benefit from the additional space, structure, and value to your property.

sloping property fixed with terraforce blocks

This homeowner in Winterstrand, Eastern Cape, when face with a plot on a slope. He chose the Terrafroce V8 blocks – currently only available by Terraforce East Cape, East London – because he loved their clean finish and because using a hollow core, interlocking retaining block, he was also still able to plant the finished wall with water-wise succulents.

walkway and top terrace view over the retaining wall garden

To achieve the final look and feel. The blocks had to be cut during installation to achieve a stretch bond. Extra drainage and waterproofing also needed to be provided at the wall section bordering against the building. A wide staircase was added to the wall design to provide comfortable access to the lower level of the home. Wall installation is done by Terraforce Recommended Contractor H2K Group Pty Ltd, East London, Eastern Cape.

aerial view of sloping property repaired with retaining blocks

The client added his own landscaping with gravel and rock riprap, succulent plants and grasses, and can now watch his investment grow with time.

Project team

Engineer: Herman Petersen
Main Contractor: Henwood Design & Construction Pty Ltd
Wall installation: H2K Group Pty Ltd
Block Manufacturer: Terraforce East Cape

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