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Siyakhula Elevators

We specialise in the meticulous installation of high-quality elevators tailored for residential, commercial, and industrial applications, covering vertical platform lifts, home lifts, and passenger lifts. We also do service and maintenance of the lifts as well as any repair work.

Car Parking Lifts

The Hydro-Park 1127 and 1123 car parking lifts are highly favoured for their simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and versatility, providing two independent parking spaces stacked vertically with ease of operation via a key switch panel. Ideal for valet parking, car showrooms, storage facilities, or airport parking, these lifts boast lifting capacities ranging from 2300 to 2700 kilograms and adjustable height options, making them suitable for various garage or underground storage setups.

Commercial Lift

Our Commercial lift delivers a smooth and silent travel experience, ensuring a relaxed journey with no abrupt movements, all while boasting a capacity to complement any architectural setting.

Dumbwaiter Lift

The DUMBWAITER LIFT is a high-performance goods transport lift, meticulously crafted to adhere to SANS 1545-7 regulations. Specifically designed for the seamless movement of goods within buildings, it boasts a maximum load capacity of up to 300kg.

ECO Home Lift

Introducing our ECO Home Lift, a truly economical solution designed for low energy consumption, space-saving efficiency, and simple installation, offering versatile personalization options for both residential and commercial spaces.

Goods Only Lift & Freight Lift

The Goods Only Lift, fully compliant with SANS 1545-5 regulations, is a high-performance solution catering exclusively to goods transport, boasting load capacities from 500kg to 3000kg for efficient movement in buildings with high turnovers. The Freight Lift, designed in adherence to EN81.20 regulations, offers a secure solution for heavy goods accompanied by attendants.

Incline Stair Lift

Introducing the Incline Stair Lift, a versatile solution for both straight and curved staircases, providing a safe and user-friendly experience with fully automatic barrier arms, a folding platform for space-saving convenience, and smooth operation for ease of use. Our space-saving design ensures an unobstructed staircase, while a practical handrail and two parallel rails with machined holes offer a robust system suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Passenger Lift

Experience a unique and seamless travel journey with our Passenger lift, offering smooth and silent rides without abrupt movements for a relaxed user experience, and the versatility to complement any architectural setting. With speed options ranging from 0.4 to 1.6 m/s (faster speed optional) and adherence to European standards, our Passenger lift ensures consistent speed between floors.

Premium Home Lift

Introducing our Premium Home Lift – an exceptionally cost-effective solution designed for low energy consumption, space efficiency, and easy installation. With a myriad of personalization options to cater to diverse preferences, our Premium Lift serves as an ideal addition, seamlessly providing access to any residential space.

Siyakhula Elevators

Siyakhula Elevators, Unit 24, N12 Industrial Park, Bartlett,
South Africa

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