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The perfect floor for a retirement village

Douglasdale Retirement Village has just completed a 1700m2 flooring upgrade using Traviata’s Traviloc XL-RCB.  Expertly installed by Pro-Laminates the RCB had to meet a very specific brief.

safe floors for the frail residents of the retirement village in Douglasdale

The building had experienced settlement over the years and this had manifested as cracking through the tiled floors of the passages and lobbies on three levels. Clearly, this posed a potential danger to the people occupying the building – some of whom are frail.

Breaking out the existing floor and re-tiling was clearly not an option.  The solution required had to be noise and dust-free, cause no disruption or inconvenience and the areas to be floored had to remain in service throughout the installation.

The Traviloc XL-RCB provided the perfect solution.  Laid directly over the existing tiles it is warm and quiet underfoot, slip-resistant and could be walked in immediately.

A novel solution was also found to install new skirtings without the need to remove any of the existing “quarter tile” skirtings.  A modern composite profile, supplied by NMC, was fitted perfectly over the quarter tile and painted to the client’s specification.  This new lightweight material was easy to cut, made very neat corners and will be hardy and resilient to the cleaning and maintenance regime.

The SPC core board used in these “rigid core” interlocking floor boards means they are exceptionally stable.  It also allows this product to be laid over most firm surfaces where it will e.g. not telegraph the grout lines in the tiles it is covering.  This makes Traviloc ideal for both new and renovation projects.

Available in a range of eight modern timber decors Traviloc is waterproof and has a factory applied sound mitigating backer attached with improves both in room noise and floor to floor sound transmission.

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