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Pioneering excellence: Women in construction

Terraforce: a South African legacy, now led by women, celebrating 45 years of family heritage and retaining wall excellence

Built on innovation

Terraforce’s narrative is steeped in the vision and entrepreneurial fervor of Holger Rust. In 1979, he introduced gabions, a conventional retaining wall approach, to South Africa. Yet, he recognized the necessity for a more economical, pragmatic, and visually appealing alternative.

Terraforce: A South African legacy, now female owned

Shifting gears, Rust embarked on crafting inventive earth-retaining solutions tailored to the distinct requirements of the South African terrain.

Raised amidst the construction realm, Rust and Johns discovered their calling, inheriting their father’s zeal for ingenuity and distinction.

Embracing a female-led future

As women navigating a field still predominantly dominated by men, Rust and Johns encountered myriad obstacles. Nevertheless, their perseverance and steadfast dedication to excellence enabled them to surmount hurdles and earn esteem within the construction fraternity.

Their voyage stands as a testament to the indispensable role women fulfill in the built environment.

Quality first

Amidst a market infiltrated by cheaper, less enduring imitations, Rust and Johns urge caution, emphasizing the significance of verifying the authenticity of Terraforce products specified and utilized on-site.

Highlighting the technical assistance, research, testing, and engineering prowess synonymous with the brand, Rust and Johns reaffirm the commitment of this legacy firm to the local construction sector.

Determined to uphold their father’s legacy while forging new paths for the company’s trajectory, Rust and Johns serve as beacons of inspiration for aspiring female entrepreneurs and professionals, showcasing that with foresight, tenacity, and a readiness to challenge conventions, women can thrive in the construction and retaining wall domain.

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Terraforce supplies large scale retaining wall project in India

Reversable hollow-core retaining blocks

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