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Next-level locker protection

ASSA ABLOY launches Aperio KL100: a new wireless access solution for lockers and cabinets brings improved security to valuables

Access control should not stop at doors: In shared spaces, valuables and other personal items deserve the same protection as offices, treatment rooms or server racks. Many access solutions are limited to the door environment. This is where the new Aperio KL100 comes in: It integrates seamlessly with more than 100 access control systems, bringing security to many access points beyond just doors.

Medicine cabinet at Pharmacy

Managing the security of additional access points outside a security system increases risk, complexity and workload. The battery-powered Aperio KL100 solves this problem. It secures lockers, cabinets, cupboards, drawers. Almost any small opening quickly becomes an integral part of an access control system.

Aperio lock switched on

An Aperio KL100 fitted at these points gives personal valuables, medicines, sensitive documents, retail stock, sports kit and more the security they deserve. It deters unauthorized access and theft.

With two different lengths and several CAM options, the KL100 is a straightforward retrofit solution. It suits almost any locker, cabinet or drawer, whether wooden or metal. Powered by one battery, this wireless lock consumes very little power — it only “wakes up” when a credential is presented — and needs no specialist maintenance.

In line with every device in the Aperio range of battery-powered locks, this protection does not require the hassle or inflexibility of physical keys.

Cabinet card key

An Aperio KL100 can be operated with mobile keys via Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC, as well as smartcards and fobs using all major RFID technologies. For added user convenience, the device accepts multiple credential technologies simultaneously, in parallel, so security managers can roll out mobile keys at their own pace.

Easy hardware integration for greater efficiency and convenience

The Aperio KL100 is designed for minimal disruption to furniture. A tiny footprint and wire-free operation ensure it’s fitted quickly without causing damage or visual impact.

Lady opening locker using the app

Yet within this small package is a powerful device which integrates seamlessly with any new or existing access control and security system — from over 100 different manufacturers and counting. Existing user credentials do not need to be replaced.

A KL100 may be connected Online, Offline or via OSS compliant integration — and switched between them at any time. Online management enables real-time control over every KL100 lock, with easy access rights administration and instant availability of audit trails for any opening or user — which makes incident investigation fast and accurate.

Wooden locker opened using the Aperio lock.

The Aperio KL100 Locker and Cabinet Lock joins a family of trusted wireless, battery-powered devices which includes cylinders, escutcheons, handles, security locks, server rack locks and more.

With its contemporary, low-profile design and power provided by a single, standard lithium battery, the KL100 is the modern choice for securing any site’s valuables and sensitive small spaces.

To learn how easy it is to extend access control with the Aperio KL100, download a free brochure HERE

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