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Industrial Doors

Janssen Products cc was established in Johannesburg in 1990 to manufacture, supply and install Maxiflex PVC Strip Curtains, Protection Screens and Impact Doors for the market of South Africa and all neighbouring countries.

In 1995 the first branch was set up in Cape Town by the name of the popular brand – Maxiflex. Due to the high demand and focus on high levels of service and maintenance the second branch was acquired in Durban in 2003 also operating by the name of Maxiflex and therefore for the sake of logistics and branding Janssen Products cc and all the other branches will be trading as Maxiflex Door Systems as from 2007.

In addition to these products, Maxiflex is the accredited sole-distributor in southern Africa of Albany high-speed doors having successfully installed over 900 doors in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique. With customers ranging from all car manufacturers in South Africa to the food industry such as Clover S.A. and National Brands and also pharmaceutical companies like Adcock Ingram and Aspen makes them the leader in specialised market. All these products reduce draughts, dust, insects and birds from entering the workplace, which in turn decreases energy costs, and discomfort and increases hygiene, cleanliness and productivity.

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Albany – RapidProtect 100
Albany – RapidRoll 300Plus
Albany – RapidRoll 600
Albany – RapidRoll Clean
Atmodoors – Rigid Impact Doors
Crawford – Industrial Doors
Crawford – High Speed Doors
Megadoor S800
Megadoor S1500

Maxiflex is the accredited sole-distributor in southern Africa of Albany high-speed doors having successfully installed over 900 doors in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique. With customers ranging from all car manufacturers in South Africa to the food industry such as Clover S.A. and National Brands and also pharmaceutical companies like Adcock Ingram and Aspen makes them the leader in specialised market. All
these products reduce draughts, dust, insects and birds from entering the workplace, which in turn decreases energy costs, and discomfort and increases hygiene, cleanliness and productivity.

Maxiflex PVC Strip Curtains

The specially formulated PVC strips are designed to combine high clarity with mechanical strength while still maintaining flexibility. The strips are available in 100mm, 200mm, 300mm and 400mm widths and are mounted to a specially designed mounting bracket that is made of galvanised, stainless or powder-coated steel. The clear strips will not interfere with natural light and will allow unlimited access by vehicles and pedestrians under conditions from +60° to -45°.

Benefits of installation
Increased employee comfort by eliminating draughts
Energy conservation
Reduction of heat/cold loss
Containment of dust
Noise reduction
Improved working environment
Insect/bird barrier
Protection from splashes, sparks, fumes etc.

Typical applications
Cold/Freezer room doors  Conveyor openings
Storage area enclosures Factory partitioning
Personnel doors  Spray booths
Factory entrances Overhead crane way openings

Maxiflex Protection Screens

Formulated from a blue/bronze PVC that removes 99,9% UV in welding applications it ensures optical safety to people not directly involved in the operation. Excellent two-way vision through the near transparent strips allows for maximum visibility needed for safety and supervisory reasons. Available as a fully assembled or kit-form 2m x 2m screen it is supplied with or without wheels and bronze/blue strips or yellow sheet.

Can be used as
Welding safety screen  Grinding screen
Noise reduction screen  Wind barrier


Flexible impact doors
The classical solution for saving energy whilst at the same time enhancing transport flow. Supported by 2mm thick steel sections the spring-powered double action door system with 7mm thick PVC panels reduces draughts and noise levels and prevents heat/cold loss, therefore ensuring constant room temperatures. All steel components are galvanised to provide protection against corrosion.

Impact doors
This series has gained excellent acceptance for use in retail stores, restaurants, pharmacies, convenience stores and processing plants where privacy into restricted areas and appearance are major considerations. Additionally it also assists in environmental control therefore saving in energy costs. Although not recommended for man-ridden or high-speed vehicles it is suitable for pushcart, pedestrian and motorised pallet traffic. It is available in a selection of colours and different types of bumpers are optional.

Albany High-Speed Doors
The Albany high-speed door range is ideally suited for high-traffic areas where control of the working environment is of utmost importance. Door types tailored to size, speed and the type of application enable a practical solution to be found for almost every use. The doors are available in aluminium, galvanised and stainless steel. Activated by various means i.e. induction loop, remote control, push button, pull switch and motion detectors with speeds up to 3,2 m/s, waiting time and chances of collision with the door are greatly reduced. Patented safety features throughout the door range provide safety to pedestrians, vehicles and the door itself. The door is available with a self-repairing crash-out system so in the case of a collision the door will repair itself automatically.

The range of doors will suit every application from entrances into warehouses, factories, hygienic kitchens and pharmaceutical areas to cold rooms and freezer rooms for which the Albany FrigoRoll® is specially made. TheFrigoRoll® has been used throughout the world in cold-storage warehouses to provide easy high-speed accessibility of cold-storage rooms. It has become an essential factor in maintaining the chain of  refrigeration, which is of increasing importance in the food industry.  Especially in climates that are experienced in southern Africa the energy savings can be substantial by preventing the loss of cold air from the cold or freezer room. It is supplied with built-in heating systems to secure reliable operation in temperature down to -45ºC.

The new RapidRoll® 3000 is a high-speed door with a difference. Generally the standard external high-speed doors with PVC curtain are installed in conjunction with a manually operated steel roller shutter door.  the RapidRoll® 3000 has the functions of both a security door and high-speed door with an opening speed of up to 2,5m/s so there is no need for an additional steel security door. The innovative DiscDrive® technology
means each panel is wound separately on three winding modules reducing vibration and noise.

Albany also specialise in machine protection doors which correspond to the machinery directive class II, III and IV. The Albany RapidProtect® doors can be installed very near to dangerous areas, reducing noise and also protects personnel against flying particles or sparks.

Manufacturer and supplier of Industrial doors and Loading dock equipment

14a Foreman Street, Spartan Ext 7
Kempton Park
South Africa

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