Aerolite Glasswool Insulation

Aerolite carries the SABS stamp of approval. Glasswool insulation bonded together as a strong, resilient, easily handled blanket with an inert thermo-setting resin.

Used for all ceiling insulation to existing and new buildings.



Glasswool Aerolite


Insulation reduces solar penetration in summer and heat loss during winter. Aerolite reduces heat flow through the ceiling by up to 87%, thereby improving comfort levels while reducing energy costs. Aerolite made from spun glass and therefore inherently fire-safe, lightweight, odourless, provides no substance for vermin, and reduces noise. Aerolite, being rot-proof, will also offer an indefinite life. Manufactured in four nominal thicknesses: 50 mm (R=1.25); 75 mm (R=1.88); 100 mm (R2.50); 115 mm (R=2.88). The higher the R-value, the better the performance.

Effect of fire

Inherently fire-safe. Non-combustible when tested in accordance with SABS test methods 0177:Part V: Class 1. Fire Index (SABS 0177 Part 111)


Lay insulation on the ceiling board, between ceiling joists and/or tie beams, fitted snugly with ends butted firmly together. The insulation should be left lying and not secured in any manner.

Nominal thickness (mm)Length (m)Thermal Resistance Width (mm)Thermal Resistance R valuesDensity
50101 2001.25 m² ºC/W11kgm³
7581 2001.88 ² ºC/W11kgm³
10081 2002.50 m² ºC/W11kgm³
11571 2002.88 m² ºC/W11kgm³
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