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How to save water in the bathroom

Water is a valuable resource, so avoiding wastage makes sense and saves money. The environment benefits the most as water contains energy that is required to treat it so that it is safe to drink, to transport it to where it is required and to remove sewage.

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Geberit strives to ensure that our products require as little water and energy as possible when in operation. In production, we have set ourselves the goal of further reducing water consumption. An example of this can be seen in ceramics manufacturing, where Geberit uses water carefully and reuses it several times. In everyday life, a water saving example are the Geberit Actuator plates. The dual flush system, with buttons for three or six litres (also adjustable to 4.5 litres) of water, brings real water saving to every household or public space.

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In Western homes, more than half of all water is consumed in the bathroom. So, this is where particular attention is required. By far the greatest potential for saving water can be harnessed by using the dual-flush and the stop-and-go flush functions fitted to the toilet.

Despite saving water while manufacturing and promoting the use of a dual-flush system, Geberit’s complete urinal solutions have a spray head, precisely designed to fit the ingenious interior geometry of the ceramic bowl. As a result, just 0.3 litres of water are enough to ensure an optimal flushing out. Even lower water consumption is achieved by the individually adjustable flush programmes, such as intelligent interval flushing.

Choice is important GEBERIT Actuator Plates

Putting aside the impact companies have on our environment and pointing to ourselves as users of the earth, each and every one of us can save plenty of water simply by adopting the right habits. When you take a shower, you consume around 80 litres less water compared with taking a bath. Turning the water off while you soap yourself, clean your teeth or wash your hands also saves a considerable amount of water.

It is also possible to install water-saving shower heads with flow limiters and special aerators which reduce the flow of water in the tap.

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Saving water efficiently in the bathroom is not a Herculean task but merely requires a little more attention in addition to the right sanitary products.

In 2020 alone, over 3,350 million m3 of water was saved through the use of water-saving flushing systems from Geberit. Geberit’s water consumption has fallen by 18.5% since 2015.

Other than water saving, Geberit’s products are environmentally friendly and conserve resources. Geberit endeavours to make constant improvements on all three fronts. This means that Geberit will continue to contribute significantly towards meeting the high sustainability standards in green building and everyday life.

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