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Modern bathroom series creates relaxing positive ambiance

With its contemporary design and ornate lines, the Geberit Smyle bathroom series creates a relaxing and positive bathroom ambience and brings harmony and lightness into family and guest bathrooms. With a clear sense of order and efficient use of a room, Smyle achieves the highest level of convenience in the bathroom from any structural situation.

Geberit Smyle washbasins

Ornate lines, harmonious shapes and narrow rims on the washbasins appear in exciting contrast to the generous shelf surfaces. Whether large or small, with or without a tap hole, in various widths; as a double washbasin or handrinse basin, Geberit Smyle offers ideal solutions for all requirements in modern bathrooms.

Geberit Smyle bathroom furniture

Geberit Smyle bathroom furniture Geberit Smyle cabinet for washbasin

As part of the facelift given to the Smyle bathroom series, Geberit adapted the furniture to the form and concept of ceramic sanitary appliances. To achieve this, the furniture concept features thin washbasin contours. As is standard at Geberit, high-quality materials, coated surfaces and modular elements are used in order to achieve a high degree of flexibility. The washbasin cabinets, low cabinet, tall cabinet, shelf element and wall shelf with towel hook can be mixed and matched to create a wide range of furniture combinations that optimally use the space in the bathroom and meet diverse furnishing wishes.

Depending on requirements, open cabinets can also be combined with closed ones, for example. The furniture is equipped with several surprising and useful features. Additionally, available drawer inserts give the storage space a clear structure. Glass shelves and an internal mirror give the tall cabinets a touch of premium class. Colour-adapted glass tops protect the shelf surfaces on the low cabinets. The integrated profile handles have the same colour as the fronts of the furniture, with their matt surface and ornate lines forming a subtle contrast.

Geberit Smyle WC and bidet

Geberit Smyle WC and bidet Geberit Smyle WC and bidet Geberit Smyle WC and bidet floorstanding

WCs and bidets continue the characteristically light Geberit Smyle design language and ensure a harmonious mix.

The ceramic form of the WCs and bidets closely follows the sophisticated design of the washbasins The Smyle series offers standard and premium design solutions. The WC is also available as a Rimfree option and in a round form.

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