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Garden walls in Western Australia

Don’t let the slope in your backyard get in the way of your landscaping dreams. A concrete retaining wall with function can bring appeal to any garden. If you’re looking to change the character of your backyard and create more entertainment space at the same time, a retaining wall may be your answer!

garden walls in western australia area

In Esperance, Western Australia, three homeowners did just that. Choosing Terraforce – an interlocking, hollow-core retaining wall system locally manufactured in Geraldton, WA – they instructed Terraforce recommended landscape contractors to transform their front and backyards into beautiful outdoor spaces to be enjoyed by the whole family.

Terraforce blocks have the advantage over other systems because they offer three finishes, are hollow and thus fully plantable, and their shape allows for the wall design to include sharp or gentle curves, easily following any slope contours as required.

When Ian Mumme, Wrinkly Tin & Cladding, Esperance, was approached by a homeowner looking to create a garden space around his home built into a sandy slope, he immediately thought of Terraforce, “The owner asked me to give it something special, nothing straight and boring and so I did. About 2000 Terraforce rock face blocks were installed on a 600mm x 200mm concrete base which was shaped and dug by a creative backhoe operator into generously curved terraces for landscaping.

I also added a 4×4 Step block staircase to the wall design. The owners are very happy with the result and as a bonus, we are getting lots of positive comments from people driving past and going into the property.”

terraforce staircase 4x4 blocks

At another two properties, TD Contracting, also in Esperance, was approached to create usable and attractive backyard garden spaces. In both instances they recommended Terraforce retaining wall blocks to create rock face walls that gently curve along the existing site contours. At the first property, a Terraforce charcoal block was installed rock face facing outwards, with a central curvature and three – partly feathered – terraces for landscaping, creating a gorgeous backdrop for a lush green lawn and a fire pit patio. Steps to the first terrace were incorporated into the wall design, this time using the L range blocks themselves.

At the second site, TD Contracting used the Terraforce L11 Limestone rock face block. In front of the wall, a limestone planter box and AstroTurf were installed to create a neat space at the back and along the sides of the property.

backyard retaining wall blocks

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Reversable hollow-core retaining blocks

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