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Laboratory Fume Cupboards, Fume Extraction and Fume Scrubbers

A fume cupboard (sometimes called a fume hood of fume closet) is a type of local ventilation device that is designed to limit exposure of the operator and lab personnel to hazardous or toxic fumes, vapours and dusts.

The EC Laridon FFFC range of robustly built fully featured fume cupboards provide a safe and reliable working environment. The range is built according to the BS7258 standard. Broen gas and water services are available as an option.
FFFC standard widths, external / internal (mm): 1300/1000, 1500/1200, 1800/1500, 2100/1800, 2300/2000.
Depth, external / internal (mm): 990/650 
Height: 2435mm with optional steel support frame (+optional infill panel)

FFC-PP Perchloric and acid digestion fume cupboards
This specialised fume cupboard is designed to be used when handling hot perchloric acid, hot nitric acid or for routine use of perchloric acid. The unit is built with a complete polypropylene construction and wash-down system of water spray nozzles, piping, valve and rear drain trough for rinsing wash down after usage. When heated, perchloric acid vaporises and condenses on hood, duct and fan components. In addition to being highly corrosive, condensed vapours can react with organic materials to form explosive perchloric salts and esters. Chemically resistant polypropylene surfaces allow for easy cleaning and water wash-down removes any explosive compounds that might have formed on the internal surfaces.
FFC-FM Floor mounted fume cupboards

Fume Hood is designed to provide comfortable space when users have to deal with large apparatus and hazardous containers. This fume hood is built with horizontal or vertical sliding sashes for ease of access when transporting apparatus into the hood. Although this type of fume hood is sometimes denoted as a walk-in fume hood, it is a misnomer. The user must not enter the hood while an activity generating hazardous fumes exists or when suspected concentration of fumes exists inside the chamber.

FFC-ED Educational fume cupboards

The FFC-ED Educational Fume Cupboard is ideal for a teaching environment. The cupboard is fitted with glass sides so that students can easily see the demonstration. The single wall construction allows for optimal space and unobstructed viewing. The range come standard with two plug sockets and one light switch.
Polypropylene ducting
EC Laridon manufactures all our ducting components in house which allows us greater control over ensuring the ducting configuration is optomised for your extraction needs. The benefits of using polypropylene ventilation ducting over traditional PVC ducting include: chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, operating efficiency, low weight, less danger to humans and the environment, lower maintenance costs and is environmentally friendly.
Stainless steel ducting

Specially fabricated 304 stainless steel ducting is suitable for any low pressure gases. Perfect for non-static and non-corrosive fume extraction.

Polypropylene canopy hoods

Canopy hoods are designed to collect and exhaust corrosive vapours, heat, steam, and odours when mounted over areas with water baths, hot plates, or portable equipment. The hoods have a built in plenum to increase air flow around perimeter of hood to improve fume capture.

Extraction Arms

Nederman extraction arms are easy adjustable, simple to position and compact. All Nederman extraction arms are highly flexible, and simple to position, extend and retract. Different attachments are available for wall, ceiling or extension bracket mounting as well as a number of accessories, including hoods and dampers to improve efficiency. The arms are connected to a vacuum and filter system removing the contaminants from the extracted air so that is can be returned to the atmosphere or recycled without negative effects.

Fume Scrubbers

Fume scrubbers are an effective means of removing many types of airborne contamination. There are various designs which are used in different applications, however they all operate on a similar principle, passing contaminated air through a system which encourages contamination to be left behind in a liquid. The liquid acts as a filter capturing the harmful substance, allowing purified air to leave the scrubber. The liquid may then be recirculated back through the scrubber to capture more contaminants. Due to the way scrubbers operate they can handle large concentrations of pollutants continuously, and may offer lower lifetime running costs than filtration systems since there is no need to replace filtration media.
EC Laridon offers a complete service for the design, manufacture and installation of fume scrubbers to handle corrosive fumes, moist gases and dust laden air flows.

Standard features:

  • Internal chamber height of 1300mm
  • Bypass feature to reduce face velocities when sash is lowered
  • Counter balanced polycarbonate sash with guides for smooth movement – option of 6mm thick toughened glass sash
  • Sash cords and weights accessible for routine inspections
  • Optional removable heat shields
  • 2 power sockets and light switch as standard
  • Solid grade laminate lining (G-COM)
  • Lipped black G-LAB phenolic resin work surface resists staining while the integral bund contains spills
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