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Court side curves with Terraforce rock face

August 2023: Decorton Retaining Systems' masterpiece at Atlantic Beach Padel Courts

In August 2023, Decorton Retaining Systems, a trusted Terraforce contractor in the Western Cape, embarked on an ambitious project at the Atlantic Beach Padel courts. The project involved constructing several terraced and undulating rock face finish retaining walls, along with Terraforce 4×4 Step block access stairs and wide staircases that seamlessly wrap around parts of the courts.

Retaining wall by the courts

Curvaceous Terraforce rock face retaining walls

The aim of this project was multifaceted. The retaining walls were necessary to lower the padel court to match the clubhouse level, effectively reducing wind damage and enhancing the overall aesthetic of the area. Atlantic Beach Estate desired a rustic finish, leading to the selection of the Terraforce® L12 rock face finish.

Why Terraforce?

SP Van Blerk from Decorton Retaining Systems remarked, “Our installation of Terraforce earth retaining walls and 4×4 Step block steps for the Padel Court at Atlantic Beach Estate showcases the true versatility and functionality of Terraforce products. The blocks are incredibly adept at creating the most stunning undulating retaining walls, capable of following almost any site contour.”

4x4 step blocks applied with rock face retaining wall blocks.

The need for lowering the Padel Court

Aligning the padel court with the clubhouse was crucial for several reasons:

  • Wind Protection: By lowering the court, it provides a natural barrier against wind, enhancing playability.
  • Aesthetic Harmony: The seamless integration of the court with the clubhouse creates a unified and appealing look.
  • Structural Integrity: The retaining walls add stability and strength to the overall structure.

The Terraforce System

Versatility in design

Terraforce’s earth retaining walls and 4×4 step block steps are celebrated for their design flexibility. The reversible, hollow-core retainer block system allows for creative incorporation of plants into the wall, adding greenery and life to the structure.

Innovative interlocking mechanism

The blocks are designed to stack effortlessly using a unique horizontal interlock, enabling:

  • Unrestricted wall gradients: Adaptability to various site contours without the constraints of nibs and slots.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Simplified installation reduces labour and material costs.
  • Enhanced stability: Despite being lightweight for easy delivery and installation, the blocks achieve significant mass when filled with soil, gravel, or concrete, providing additional vertical interlock.

Curved retaining wall with vegetation.

Project highlights

Architectural vision

Architect Harry Greenberg envisioned a space that not only served functional purposes but also stood as a testament to innovative design and engineering. The use of Terraforce products was integral to achieving this vision.

Main contractor excellence

Plastotop Barrett’s Sports Court, the main contractor, ensured that the project adhered to the highest standards of quality and safety. Their expertise was pivotal in the successful completion of the project.

Specialised sub-contracting

Decorton Retaining Systems brought specialised skills and experience to the table, particularly in handling the Terraforce earth retaining walls and 4×4 step block steps. Their role was critical in executing the architectural vision with precision.

The aesthetic appeal of Terraforce retaining walls

The aesthetic appeal of the Terraforce retaining walls is unmatched. The natural rock face finish blends seamlessly with the surrounding environment, creating a rustic yet elegant look. This design choice not only enhances the visual appeal but also adds to the structural integrity of the retaining walls.

Environmental benefits

Eco-friendly design

The use of Terraforce products also offers significant environmental benefits:

  • Reduced carbon footprint: The lightweight nature of the blocks means less energy is required for transportation and installation.
  • Green integration: The hollow-core design allows for the incorporation of plants, promoting biodiversity and adding a green touch to urban spaces.


The project at Atlantic Beach Padel courts stands as a testament to the versatility, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of Terraforce retaining walls. Decorton Retaining Systems, with their expertise and commitment to quality, have successfully transformed the area into a visually stunning and structurally sound space. The undulating, curvaceous walls not only serve a practical purpose but also enhance the beauty and charm of the Atlantic Beach Estate.


1. What are the primary benefits of Terraforce retaining walls? Terraforce retaining walls offer versatility in design, cost-effectiveness, enhanced stability, and environmental benefits such as reduced carbon footprint and the ability to integrate greenery.

2. How do Terraforce blocks enhance structural stability? The blocks, though lightweight for easy installation, achieve significant mass when filled with soil, gravel, or concrete, providing additional vertical interlock and stability.

3. Can Terraforce retaining walls be used in residential projects? Yes, Terraforce retaining walls are suitable for both commercial and residential projects, offering flexibility in design and installation.

4. What makes the Terraforce L12 rock face finish unique? The Terraforce L12 rock face finish provides a rustic, natural look that blends seamlessly with the environment, enhancing both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity.

5. How does the Terraforce system contribute to environmental sustainability? The system reduces transportation and installation energy requirements due to its lightweight nature and allows for the integration of plants, promoting biodiversity.

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