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Pool Sealer

What is Pool Sealer?

An inexpensive sealer for treating leaking pools where seepage is through general porosity or thinness of the plaster.

  • Inexpensive sealer
  • No need to empty your pool


Suitable Surfaces Leaking pools where seepage is through general porosity or thinness of the plaster
Finish N/A
Thickness N/A
Application Add to water of the pool
Packaging 5 & 25L drums
Coverage 25 litres/75 000 litre pool
Curing 10 days to see if treatment is effective
Colour/s N/A

Intended for use with None Tools needed Pool brush Supporting Cemcrete Products Pool Crack Filler Pool Patching

Q: Can Pool Sealer be used to seal plumbing leaks or structural cracks? A: No. It will not seal plumbing leaks or structural cracks.   Q: What precautions must I take when using Pool Sealer? A: Make sure that it does not go through the sand filter. You need to set the filter on bypass before Pool Sealer is used. Q: How long should Pool Sealer stay in the pool for? A: It should stay in the pool for at least 7 days before it is vacuumed out of the water as per the datasheet. Q: What do I have to do to my pool in the 7 day period of using Pool Sealer? A: You need to brush the surface very well for At least 15 minutes 2 -3 times per day and allow the pump to run continuously during this brushing period. The sealer is much heavier than water. It will, therefore, lay on the bottom of the pool. This the reason that the surface needs to be brushed. Q: Can we swim during this period? A:  Yes you may. It will assist the sealer to lift off from the bottom of the pool.      Q: How do I remove the sealer from the pool? A: Switch off the pump after 7 days. Leave the pump off for 24 hours to allow the sealer to settle to the bottom of the pool. Set the filter to waste and vacuum the surface allowing the sealer to be washed out to the waste pipe. Switch off the pump again and allow the sealer to settle again for 24 hrs. Repeat the vacuuming the next day. The day following this you may now start filtering the swimming pool and resume chemical dosing the normal way.

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