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A 6mm thick smooth plaster recommended for the interior plastering of walls and floors of swimming pools, which becomes a very hard integral part of the pool structure. Not for use above the water level.

  • Durable marble pool plaster
  • Applied to new or renovated pools
  • Trowel-on application
  • Over 40 years of proven experience
  • Extensive colour range
  • Superior quality
Suitable surfaces
Hand-packed concrete, scratch-coat cement plaster.
Must not contain blast furnace slag as this could cause mottling of the PoolCrete
Smooth surface
Rounded Pool Trowel
40kg bag
Approximately 2m² per 40kg bag
Commence filling the pool from the deep end on the day of application. Damp down exposed PoolCrete every hour to prevent premature drying.
Filling of the pool – See PoolCrete Start-Up Guide
Available in 14 colours

Intended for use with
PoolCrete Primer


Tools needed
Rounded Pool Trowel

Supporting Cemcrete Products
Pool Crack Filler
Pool Sealer
Pool Patching

Q: Is there a guarantee on your PoolCrete?
A: Workmanship guarantees are given by the applicators who apply the products for you. We at Cemcrete stand by the quality of our products, so should you feel that there is a product defect, we will investigate thoroughly.

Q: Can a pool plaster like PoolCrete be applied by a DIY enthusiast?
A: Cemcrete’s PoolCrete is not a DIY product; we will always recommend using an experienced contractor to do the application. You can contact your nearest Cemcrete branch for details of reputable contractors, or complete your project details on our contractors’ website.

Q: Why should I use PoolCrete instead of other pool plasters?
A: Cemcrete only makes use of top quality marble dust and the world’s best white cement. This ensures that our product will not change colour, as some products on the market do. Market research indicates that there are products on the market where the cement becomes yellow, blue and even grey in a short space of time. Cemcrete has manufactured PoolCrete since 1973 and has been at the forefront in solving the industry’s issues related to the chemical staining of pool plasters, due to our commitment and research within this market.

Q: What is the lifespan of PoolCrete?
A: PoolCrete, correctly applied, can last anything between 15 and 20 years. PoolCrete is by far the most durable pool finish in its range, however, the secret to longevity is correct water balance and maintenance.

Q: After installing PoolCrete, how should I maintain my pool?
A: It is important to follow the PoolCrete Start-up Guide when filling your newly finished pool, however, your experienced contractor should guide you through the process. When maintaining your pool with chemicals, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when adding them to your pool.

Q: What chemicals can I use in my PoolCrete pool?
A: The use of traditional chlorine, sodium bicarbonate, acid and stabilizers in your swimming pool are permitted. Other chemicals should be used in consultation with the relevant manufacturers and skilled pool practitioners. Avoid using chemicals that contain copper sulphate and herbicides.

There is a variety of other chemicals on the market and one should use them in consultation with the relevant manufacturer & skilled pool practitioners for their correct use. Special care should be taken when using copper sulphate & herbicide containing pool care products are possible staining can occur.

PoolCrete | White & Coloured Marble Pool Plaster

POOLCRETE White & coloured marble pool plaster A 6mm thick smooth plaster recommended for the interior plastering of walls and floors of swimming pools, which becomes a very hard integral part of the pool structure. Not for use above the water level.

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