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Cemcrete | Wall Products

Cemcrete Wall Products Wall Preparation Products, Trowel-on & Brush-on Wall Finishes & Sealers

Cemcrete Products Brochure | Manufacturers of Distinctive Decorative Coatings

Cemcrete Products Brochure Since 1973 Cemcrete has manufactured a specialised range of cement-based coatings and building materials to finish and aid in construction projects. Cemcrete’s range of over 80 products includes cement-based finishes for walls, floors, countertops, pools and many more. These distinctive finishes are favourable among homeowners, architects and the construction industry in general due to their superior quality, excellent value, as well as offering a unique alternative to generic coatings.

Mortar Mix - Coloured Datasheet | Cemcrete

A coloured masonry Mortar Mix comprising white cement, graded sand and certain additives to give high bond strength, waterproof joints and high water retention for workability and plasticity. Good water retention gives improved bond and bleeding characteristics. Also has excellent water absorption qualities.

Politerm Blu: Lightweight Thermal Insulating Mortar

EPS beads which are treated with a chemical additive to enable the production of lightweight, thermal insulation mortars of various densities. Applications include thermal insulation mortar for concrete roof decks, underground floor slabs, basement walls, swimming pools etc, lightweight filler for voids or levelling of floor slabs, cavity fill for steel frame construction…

Floorkey General Purpose Method Statement, Applied as a Mortar Additive

Floorkey general purpose method statement applied as a Mortar additive  installation guidelines. X-Calibur provides detailed method statements on all its products for use in various applications. These must be referred to prior to starting work. The information below is a summary intended for guidance only.

X-Tech UraFloor TF applied to concrete

Method Statement on how to apply TAL- X-Tech UraFloor TF to concrete.

X-Tech IntegraFloor Quartz Monolithic floor hardening compound

TAL X-Tech IntegraFloor Quartz is a premixed non rusting floor hardener used to form a onolithically hardened concrete floor. It produces an abrasion resistant and hard wearing surface and is applied by the “shake on” technique.

X-Tech UraFloor TF Heavy duty polyurethane screed and mortar

TAL – X-Tech UraFloor TF is a heavy duty polyurethane based floor screed and mortar designed to provide excellent resistance to abrasion, chemical attack and thermal shock.

X-Tech UraFloor HT Heavy duty polyurethane screed and self leveling flooring

X-Tech UraFloor HT is a heavy duty solvent free polyurethane flooring system which is available as both in screed and self leveling forms.

X-Tech SuperFlow

X-Tech SuperFlow is a cement based self smoothing decorative screeding system which is supplied in a wide range of colours. It is shrinkage compensated and rapid setting. The system is designed to produce a hard wearing decorative floor surface suitable for residential and light commercial applications. It is suitable for interior applications only.

X-Tech StoneFlow, General Use

Method Statement on TAL-X-Tech StoneFlow, General Use.

X-Tech StoneFlow Industrial grade rapid set self smoothing decorative screed

X-Tech StoneFlow is a cement based self smoothing heavy duty decorative industrial screeding system. It is shrinkage compensated and rapid setting. It is especially designed for use in industrial environments, on both new construction and renovation projects. It is designed for applications exposed to heavy traffic and abrasion, such as factories, warehouses and production areas. It is also suitable for commercial and residential applications.

X-Tech IntegraFloor Emery Emery based monolithic floor hardening compounding

TAL X-Tech IntegraFloor Emery is a premixed non rusting floor hardener used to form a monolithically hardened concrete floor. It produces an abrasion resistant and hard wearing surface and is applied by the shake on technique.

Fusion, General Use

TAL – Fusion, general use  installation guidelines. X-Calibur provides detailed method statements on all its products for use in various applications. These must be referred to prior to starting work. The information below is a summary intended for guidance only.

X-Tech EpoxyFloor TF Abrasion and chemical resistant epoxy floor screed

X-Tech EpoxyFloor TF is a three component, trowel applied epoxy floor screed that produces an extremely dense, durable, abrasion and chemically resistant floor. A fast cure grade is available that can accept pedestrian traffic after 3h at 25C and vehicular traffic after 4h at 25C.

X-Roc UltraPatch Low Shrinkage High Build Concrete Repair Mortar

X-Roc UltraPatch is a cementitious single component polymer modified concrete repair mortar for use in vertical and overhead applications

X-Roc StrongPatch High Strength Shrinkage Compensated Polymer Modified Repair Mortar

X-Roc StrongPatch is a single component, fiber reinforced, shrinkage compensated, high strength concrete repair mortar manufactured from selected cements, aggregates and additives. It has exceptional resistance to carbonation, chloride ingress, sulphate attack and freeze thaw attack.

X-Roc SkimCoat

X-Roc SkimCoat is a single component cementitious polymer modified concrete skim coat for use in horizontal, vertical and overhead applications.

Fine Epoxy Mortar & Grout

TAL Fine Epoxy Mortar & Grout is a 2-Component, Water Based & Cleanable High-performance Epoxy-resin non-sagging adhesive ideal for bonding tiles to walls and floors, and can also be used for subsequent grouting.  It has excellent non-sag, stain and chemical resistant properties and is easy to apply and clean up after application.  TAL Fine Epoxy Mortar & Grout is ideal for installation areas where chemical resistance and good hygienic conditions are important, such as abattoirs, breweries, dairies, hospitals, food and beverage production and preparation areas, swimming pools, bacteria and mould-growth areas as well as, areas subjected to high-pressure hosing and steam cleaning, etc. It is also suitable for use with glass tiles/mosaics and resin-bonded tiles.  TAL Fine Epoxy Mortar & Grout is available in Light Grey and White


TAL Rapidfix is a single-component high-performance Patching and Repair compound manufactured from rapid-setting shrinkage-compensated cement and selected aggregates specially designed for repairing of deteriorated concrete and mortar surfaces as well as patching holes in floor and wall surfaces.  It is a multi-purpose system designed to withstand heavy loading and trafficking in both industrial and domestic installations.  TAL Rapidfix can be applied to fill holes prior to installing floor coverings, underlayments or screeds, or can be left exposed in both high traffic industrial applications, ie: factories, and in domestic applications

Concrete Repair & Protection | Dura®rep FR

Polymer-modified, fibre-reinforced, cement-based mortar, which is chloride-free, ready to use, non-shrink and of a single component.

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