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Affordable fenestration solutions by Crealco: Meeting local needs

Crealco, a brand under the reputable Wispeco banner, is a household name in the South African architecture, building, and construction sector. While windows and doors may seem like common fixtures, what sets Crealco apart, enabling them to thrive for over a century, is their unwavering commitment to providing tailored solutions for diverse fenestration requirements. They are dedicated to engineering systems that not only adhere to stringent industry standards and testing criteria but also meet the specific demands of homes, high-rises, and commercial applications.

Large sun window

A versatile range of systems

Crealco boasts an extensive range of systems that offer reliable, elegant, and cutting-edge solutions for aluminium windows and doors. Their product line-up includes:

Crealco products

This diverse array ensures that Crealco can cater to various fenestration needs, from enhancing security with security barrier systems to providing privacy and aesthetics with shower door systems.

bath near large window with a sea view.

Embracing sustainable design

In today’s construction landscape, sustainability is a paramount concern. Design professionals are increasingly focused on creating structures that reduce their environmental impact while prioritizing durability, aesthetics, functionality, performance, and comfort. Crealco’s premium systems are designed to meet these goals by offering unparalleled durability and environmental sustainability.

Aluminium windows with sliding security barrier

Simplifying U-value calculations

Over the past two decades, Wispeco, in collaboration with Crealco, has developed a range of software design tools, including the Agrément-certified U-Solve program. This innovative tool assists architects, designers, and aluminium fabricators in accurately determining thermal and structural designs for all Crealco systems. It ensures compliance with all relevant SANS regulations, provided genuine Wispeco profiles are utilized.

By leveraging the Starfront software and the U-Solve thermal calculator, architects can create energy-efficient and cost-effective fenestration solutions that adhere to SANS compliance standards. The software enables professionals to optimize designs for cost efficiency by adjusting various parameters, such as window and door specifications and glass selections. These design choices are backed by rigorous SAFIERA Hot Box testing, ensuring that actual performance values are considered, rather than relying on conservative SANS 10400 XA default values. The software also verifies compliance with Safety Glazing standards as per SANS 10400:N. These U-Values and SHGC-values are officially certified by Agrément, provided genuine Crealco aluminium profiles are used.

Meeting evolving industry needs

As the fenestration industry evolves, Crealco, with the support of Wispeco, is at the forefront of addressing these changes. They consistently develop and enhance support software and products to aid professionals and fabricators in delivering compliant and durable aluminium fenestration products across the market spectrum.

For further information, please reach out to Wispeco Aluminium:

– Tel: +27 11 389 0000
– Email: [email protected]
– Website: [www.crealco.co.za](http://www.crealco.co.za)

This article highlights how Crealco’s range of fenestration solutions addresses the diverse needs of the South African construction industry while emphasizing sustainability and precision in design. The U-Solve program simplifies calculations and ensures compliance, making it a valuable tool for architects and designers. By staying ahead of industry trends, Crealco and Wispeco are committed to supporting professionals in delivering top-quality fenestration solutions.

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