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5 Types of wall plaster

Finish walls with plaster – a mixture of portland cement; sand and water that is applied in layers to a base of wood, metal or concrete. The plaster can be used to create architectural mouldings and artistic finishings. Plaster is more durable, reinforced and resilient to knocks or dents. There are so many benefits to plastered walls; let’s look at the types of plaster from Africote.

1 Fresco (Liquid Stucco)  –  For Interiors

Fresco (Liquid Stucco) designed as an easy to apply liquid paint. Formulated to give the effect of traditional Italian plaster (Intanaco). Africote’s Fresco (Liquid Stucco) is ideal for use internally BUT IS NOT suitable for exterior use or high moisture areas eg: bathrooms and kitchens. It gives walls and feature walls a unique toned natural appearance. Fresco (Liquid Stucco) is best polished once cured with one of Africote’s specialised colour decor waxes to achieve unique two-toned contrasting colours as seen on the adjacent page.  The stucco is best applied to masonry surfaces, block and brickwork fibre cement and suitably primed walls.

Roman Plaster is a versatile, colour pigmented cement polymer modified plaster. Designed to produce a unique, rustic, Tuscan marbled finish on interior and exterior walls.  Formulated to accommodate plaster thickness tolerances of up to 8mm. An experienced plaster applicator can create cosmetic marbled colour variation. During the “damp” stage, Roman Plaster can be cut and sculptured to replicate masoned stone blocks.

3 Strutturato (textured acrylic wall plaster) – for interiors & exteriors

Strutturato Plaster is an Italian styled unique interior/exterior plaster which dries leaving a coloured shield of rough-textured skim plaster for walls, with a 2-3mm deep, irregular and random grooved recess in the plaster for, a unique special textured effect. It is available in 8 standard colours, however, special colours can be made to order. Once applied, there is no need for painting, as the weather-resistant coating provides a cool colour to one’s home or office.


4 Stucco (interior décor skim plaster) – for interiors

Africote’s traditional Stucco is a pigmented powder-based plaster, applied by trowel, to recreate a unique, subtle, marbled appearance, revealing a beautiful rural Italian Plaster effect. Ideal for transforming walls, vanity tops and kitchen counters. Stucco is available in a range of 15 fashionable colours, with the variation option to add Shellac to the stucco mix to create a “Shell” like appearance in the plaster. When used in conjunction with the relevant specified water-resistant Africote Sealers, Stucco can be used in areas, high in moisture, such as kitchens, bathrooms and showers.

5 GZC – Colour pigmented wall plaster for interiors & exteriors

GZC acrylic textured coating, gives a unique coarse/scratch effect creating deep scratch lines, similar to coloured plaster.

GZC Coarse is made from binding copolymer resin; coloured fine grain marble chippings, hard aggregates including granite and quartz and special additives to ensure a quality application and assist in the preservation of the finish over time.


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